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[336 Replies]
Shall we travel through time to 2020 Islamabad in Prof. Emmett Brown's time-traveling delorean car?

And let us try to spot the top-6 residential projects of Islamabad with the highest value in 2020?

I am not including Zone 1 in my list of Top-6 because there is nothing to guess. Sectors E-7, F-7, F-8, F-6, G-6, G-8, F-10, F-11, I-8, G-11, E-11, D-12 will always be the glittering jewels of Islamabad! And Zone I will remain the undisputed leader even if Malik Riaz can import a piece of Switzerland for his projects in Zone IV and V. Even G-13 and G-14/4 will always be more costly than Bahria, DHA and Multi. Zone I is Zone I.

It seems to me that the hierarchy outside Zone-I can be listed as follows:

1. Multi-Garden B-17 wears the Crown. In 2020 most likely Margalla Avenue will not only be operational, but it may be a dual carriageway with a flyover at gt road and piercing through Zone II. D-12 may be fully populated, sectors C-15 and C-16 may be nearing development completion. So the nearest scheme to the upscale sectors of Zone 1 Islamabad will be B-17. You can say the real Islamabad will come right to the doorstep of B-17. Multi's development standards and stone-throw distance from Zone 1 will make it the leader of all schemes outside Zone 1.

2. DHA Phase 2 is the runners up. Despite better development standards compared to Multi Garden, it is far from Zone I (which is the undisputed real Champion of Islamabad). This is the most posh community of Islamabad after the jewels of Zone 1. This status will attract the best fast food chains, the upscale shopping malls and the top notch educational and health facilities to DHA.

3. Bahria Town Rwp. Bahria will also attract the best facilities but its access is inferior as compared to DHA 2 so it is likely to fall one step behind DHA.

4. JKCHS Zone II. Despite average development standards, JKCHS-comprising G-15 and F-15-is the only project which will have direct access to Kashmir Highway (new airport link road) and GT road. Its strategic location will comfortably keep it at or near the top. The crossing between the Kashmir Highway and GT Road acts as the intersection between Rawalpindi, Islamabad, New Airport and Motorways to Peshawar and Lahore. It is already being described as the new Zero Point.

5. Bahria Enclave. Very scenic location surrounded by green hills and very close to Zone 1 Islamabad. Its excellent development standards will make Bahria Enclave a very pricey sector which will give tough competition to the better-located JKCHS.

6. D-17 and E-16/17 will vie for the Sixth Spot. These sectors will fight between them for the sixth position and the winner will be the one with better facilities.

InshaAllah. In the end, these predictions and all these sectors will have no value without Allah's will.

And we should pray to Allah that the Islamic Republic of Pakistan will be stronger, more united and totally self-reliant in 2020. Ameen. Otherwise, people of every city and sector will be on the losing end.

    2109 days ago In General Advice
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    (223 posts)
    Pk1 what a writing skills u got, and i agree with you Analysis, B17 would be on top in whole Zone 2 for next ten years.

    But i think Bahria enclave would give some big surprises and take some position in top 4
      2109 days ago 

      (2512 posts)
      Very Interesting topic.

      I think B-17, Multi Orchards, Bahria Enclave 1, Bahria Phase 7-8, DHA 2, are going to be dream locations.
        2109 days ago 

        (98 posts)
        I think cda sector c15, DHA, Bahria rwp+ enclave, would be on the top , I don't think b17 , b17 would be just like another society like roshan etc......
          2109 days ago 

          (82 posts)
          Interesting topic by Pk1, its interesting to read that thread in 2020 if i m alive that time.

          if islamabad highway become widend, rawat interchange and rawalpindi link road will be made. Than whats the future of dha2. World trade center will be a good commercial hub in future. I think than dha 2 may be on top than b17.
            2108 days ago 

            (610 posts)
            MASHALLAH good writing PK1,

            Well for the content u have placed as the top positions there might be some change in numbering but overall ur guess and analysis is worth reading.

            Keep it up bro.

              2108 days ago 

              (3020 posts)
              Brothers please do your ranking of 1 to 6 and tell us why u think so for each rank. JazakAllah.
                2108 days ago 

                Malik Majeed
                (476 posts)
                1- zone-1: sectors D, E, F and G of series 12, 13 and 14

                2- DHA ph-2

                3- Bahria Enclave

                4- Park Enclave

                5- Multi B-17, F-17

                6- Zone 2 others e.g. G-15, Faisal Town, Top City, Mumtaz. City, Shalimar Town
                  2108 days ago 

                  Muhammad imr..
                  (408 posts)
                  Last decade winner was E 11 multi and this decade winner will be B 17 multi
                    2108 days ago 

                    (3020 posts)
                    Zone 1 sectors are not in this competition please because there is no match between zone 1 and any other zone of Islamabad. Also not included are schemes outside Islamabad Capital Territory.
                      2108 days ago 

                      (2512 posts)
                      Very Nice put Malik Majeeb sb.
                        2108 days ago 

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