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( 3020 posts )

[25 Replies]
There is a very useful and passionate debate going on between experts and contributors about which zone of Islamabad has better investment potential and prospects for good, comfortable and affordable living.

So why don't we merge the debate into one chain of posts as a valuable source of information and opinion for investors of all zones.

Which of these zones has the better investment potential and prospects of comfortable living:

1. Zone. I.
(main Islamabad CDA sectors on the eastern side of GT road)

2. Zone. II.
(new societies on the western side of gt road sandwiched between gt road and m-1 motorway and also across motorway)

3. Zone. IV.
(new schemes in the localities of chak shahzad and bani gala in the area starting from the right side of Islamabad highway when coming from soan river bridge)

4. Zone V.
(localities of bahria, dha, pwd, naval anchorage etc on both sides of islamabad highway when coming from rawat and going to islamabad).

Where will prices rise faster? Everyone please also give reasons for your opinion.


    2699 days ago In Upcoming Projects
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    Syed Ibrhaim
    (1435 posts)
    We cant compare any zone with zone 1 due to its location and due to cda. No pvt housing schemes r allowed in zone i it is on top and it will be always one top.
    Zone 4 is also a good zone location wise but not many housing schemes are allowed there it will be famous for farming not for pvt housing schemes.
    Main competition is in between zone 2 and zone 5 and agree with mr saadi that we cant compare development standards of bahria town with any other housing scheme but we should not forget that location is the key point in real estate. Zone ii is not only high bcz of airport motorway connection and distance from zone 1 is also a great factor. So it will be a tough competition between both zones.
      2696 days ago 

      (219 posts)
      Sir please elaborate in detail. Fine that mpchs will launch multi-park after eid but what is its location? Has it something to do with park enclave of cda? Plot sizes and their proces etc. These answers would help. Thanks for the reply though.
        2696 days ago 

        (3020 posts)
        Multi Park is now out of the picture in Zone IV.
        Multi Park Project is shelved. Also Bahria enclave has question marks surrounding it.
        So in these circumstances where does Zone IV stand in comparison to other zones?
          2667 days ago 

          (11 posts)
          Zone 2 is good but CDA performance hinders this zone to flourish. If you work near or in Zone 5 and you don't want to come to Islamabad daily then Zone 5 is best. Development standard of Zone 5 is great but only problem is that it is far from main Islamabad.
            2661 days ago 

            Tahir Mahmoo..
            (53 posts)
            Multi Park project is cancelled. So no any new project nearly to come up in Zone-4.
            But thee are many housing schemes coming near to new Airport.
              2660 days ago 

              (11 posts)
              Margalla avenue is delayed, It will effect Zone 2 prices


                2659 days ago 

                Raja sab
                (1 post)
                Now Fateh jang airport gone with new airport proposed near Rawat, all the balance has turned toward zone V. Good luck
                  2633 days ago 

                  Prop Guide
                  (6959 posts)
                  Raja Sab:::::::::::

                  All topi drama going on...

                    2633 days ago 

                    (3020 posts)
                    Airport will not be shifted. No government has the muscle to do this now. If they wanted to do this, then they ought to have done it when it was still at the planning stage.
                      2633 days ago 

                      (333 posts)
                      What about Zone III? Margala Hills?

                      Can we plan a small village in the mountains in european style?

                      Is it allowed?

                      If not can someone with financial power can buy from existing villagers and modernize it in totally european look? Instead of making false statue of liberty, just take inspiration from old victorian villages in architecture of homes and streets etc.
                        2465 days ago 

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