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Imran A. Kha..
( 461 posts )

[6 Replies]
As i write this, cda continues with their inhumane and barbaric act in i-11 kachi-basti. A government that talks so much about constitution when it comes to protecting their so called hpocracy labeled as democracy, clearly disregarding the fact that constitution mandates government to provide housing to every citizen of pakistan.
Instead they labeled them afghan and terrorists. Well, if they are afghan they should be deported and if they are terrorists, they should be put behind the bars. But how on earth you can justify destroying someone's dirt houses.
These people were staying on public lands for as far as i can remember. If cda made i-11 a residential sector and sold plots to people, it's cda's fault that they didn't plan anything for these people on public lands.
Now, all major roads has been blocked going in to that place and cda is destroying everyone's dirt houses and gullu-butts of khoon league wearing blue uniforms are their to protect their terrorism.

This reminds me of gaza and cda along with this corrupt is no difference than israeli security forces.

    1567 days ago In Govt Housing Schemes
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    (1159 posts)
    U are right Imran but unfortunately this is the way it is and nothing can be done
      1567 days ago 

      (123 posts)
        1567 days ago 

        (168 posts)
        An excellent job by CDA. Well supported by public and common masses of Islamabad
          1566 days ago 

          (719 posts)
          Bhai jazbati mat hou .... Many people who have plots in i-11 passed away in a hope to own their own house in Islamabad.

          How would you feel if some people start living on your plot and you can't do anything ??
            1565 days ago 

            Sameer ahmed
            (1 post)
            I appreciate CDA for doing this all, as these are illegal encroachers and they think that this land gave by their father in wrasat.

            And those who support such peoples and get senti they should take these people in their home and give them place to built hut, not on other people plots.
              1565 days ago 

              (442 posts)
              The government is doing right now after 30 years. ..these qabza mafia are paid by corrupt and terrorist....its step in the right direction. ..look if your plot or house take by these qabza groups. ...good job cda keep it up.....some property Dealers may loose money because when new sectors r openned property prices will come down. ..
                1565 days ago 

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