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Zameen Admin
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By this point, nearly all the residents of Lahore must have passed by the Grand Square Mall. It might have been when you were headed to work, or to eat out with friends, or, perhaps, on the way to school or shopping – the Tuscan gold corner structure on the Main Gulberg Boulevard that’s soon to become a happening hangout for the city is simply unavoidable.

Grand Square Mall is a mixed-purpose building that offers an attractive inventory of shops, corporate offices and apartments. Approved by Lahore Development Authority (LDA), it is all set to offer a plethora of amenities to the visitors and dwellers alike.

Grand Square Mall – A not to be missed property investment!

This earth-quake resistant building has high-speed elevators and escalators, prayer hall, car parking, valet services, sauna, gym, power backup and round-the-clock security. A number of popular brands have already booked commercial outlets here.

It is also worth mentioning that the project promises estimated capital gains of about 40-45% for the next three years, given the project’s central location in downtown Lahore. The investors of the project are sure to earn lucrative returns if they time their decision right. At present, the project is at the ripe stage for investment as the launch is just around the corner.

Let us know if you have queries about the project.

    8 days ago In Upcoming Projects
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