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Mohammad Asi..
( 35 posts )

[41 Replies]
I just wanted to share the good news about E-12 to all the alottees.

CDA has reached an agreement with the existing people on the site, and they have agreed to vacate the land. The news was broken by a member around a week ago on FB, but has now been picked up by Jang as well.

Good luck... Let's hope the development office is setup as instructed by the chairman.

    2113 days ago In Residential Schemes
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    Crore patti
    (310 posts)
    I am adding a bad news in this good news thread

    Three officers of cda arrested for issuing fake allotment letter in e12 sector by FIA yesterday

    Check your allotment status from cda if your are allottees in e12

    Sorry for adding bad news but a word of caution


    Crore PATTI
      2016 days ago 

      (128 posts)
      Is there any update on E-12 to share? Any allocation of Budget in CDA books for this poor place like last year they allotted a big amount to develop this sector. God knows where they spent that amount.
        2008 days ago 

        (1346 posts)
        Check out The News for latest on E-12.

        CDA claims to have vacated 800 kalans of E-12 land. Lets see what comes out of it.
          2007 days ago 

          (128 posts)
          Any further update of E-12?
            2001 days ago 

            (128 posts)
            CDA budget allocation another lolipop or some thing serious this time?

              1995 days ago 

              (504 posts)
              For E-12 it seems to be a lolipup
                1995 days ago 

                Saleem Arbab
                (1 post)
                Development or no development - What was the original price at the time of allotment and what is the current market prices. The price of one kanal plot in 28-30 years has appreciated by approximately 5,000%. An yearly return of 167%. Who cares for the development :)
                  1962 days ago 

                  Mohammad Asi..
                  (35 posts)
                  My suggestion to people who don't have any more patience... Feel free to sell it, but don't raise your blood pressure.

                  I however, would not sell it as it would be foolish to do it right now when CDA is doing the right steps. Don't get fooled by property dealers and think wisely.
                    1962 days ago 

                    (719 posts)
                    For E-12, my little analysis.

                    Overseas Pakistanis should wait because if dollar jumps to another 10% of its price which may actually happen anytime soon, the plot will become 10% cheaper for them.

                    10% reduction on one Kanal in E-12 means 20 lakhs, so I would advise overseas Pakistan to hold on, even if development happen the prices will not jump to double over night and it will take some time.

                    There are more chances of dollar increasing than the development of E-12 ... Hope you guys get my point.
                      1962 days ago 

                      Ahmed Saleem
                      (92 posts)

                      Near Benazir International Airport there is a a society that is Airport Housing Society. In this society I have plots which is on installments. I want to sell the plots.So please feel free to contact with me.

                      Best regards,

                      Ahmed Saleem



                        1890 days ago 

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