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Ihsan ur Rhe..
( 75 posts )

[411 Replies]
I have read an advertisement that Bahria has launched Golf City in Lahore as below:

Golf view Residencia, Bahria town Lahore, golf city Bahria town
Plot size 10 Marla
Application form fee Rs. 500/-
Processing fee (non refundable) rs. 10,000/- down payment Rs. 500,000/-
1st installment (30 Jul 2013) Rs.325,000/-
2nd installment (30 Oct 2013) Rs.325,000/-
3rd installment (30 Jan 2014) Rs.325,000/-
4th installment (30 Apr 2014) Rs.325,000/-
5th installment (30 Jul 2014) Rs.325,000/-
6th installment (30 Oct 2014) Rs.325,000/-
7th installment (30 Jan 2015) Rs.325,000/-
8th installment (30 Jan 2015) Rs.325,000/-
Total amount Rs. 3100,000/-

Does anyone has details of its location, when it will be handed over etc. Is it safe for investment.

    2395 days ago In Upcoming Projects
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    Farhan Asad
    (182 posts)
    I have also heard about this mr. Ihsan but do not know much about its authenticity. I hope the experts will proceed this discussion very soon :)
      2395 days ago 

      (73 posts)
      It is beside tulip ext.
        2394 days ago 

        (84 posts)
        As its name indicate that it is near the golf course.So it looks like obvious that it is near tulip block and it ext.
        It means it is a very good investment bcoz tulip block is one of the finest block in bahria c.
          2394 days ago 

          Ihsan ur Rhe..
          (75 posts)
          I went to see physically where its location might be, in my opinion there is village name tarogill, then sheikh kot and medical society. The major space available is alongside nargis block and then tulip extension and some part along jinnah block. So its expected space is there and also expected to give direct approach from ring road and also another road from raiwind road alongside wildlife park.
            2394 days ago 

            (1 post)
            Dear as per my info. This project launched in July 2013 and within 6 months its own is 16.5 to 17.5 lacs and I think it is very clear indication that investment is not bad.
              2208 days ago 

              Ihsan ur Rhe..
              (75 posts)
              Yes Dear all,

              As per my prediction the location is alongside the Bahria Town Sector-C Nargis block, the project master plan and ground breaking took place on 9th Jan-2014. Its really a great news for plot holders of Nargis block, Golf City and Jinnah block. The prices are expected to rise further in these blocks so its time of investment.
                2207 days ago 

                Ihsan ur Rhe..
                (75 posts)
                Price started to appreciate tremendously in Golf View Residencia (Golf City), general plot is around 45 to 50 lac while facing golf plot is much higher. Development work has started alongside the Nargis block and Golf city extends upto Raiwind road opposite Fazia Housing society. The approach is excellent and price are sure to rise further as development work will progress.
                  2189 days ago 

                  (1 post)

                  For Ihsan ur rehman:

                  instalment 2600000 pkr and downpayment 500000.. Total comes 3100000 pkr..

                  how you say its around 4500000 to 5000000 pkr?

                  could not understnad?

                  is there any hidden or other charges?

                  beign a Danish Resident I want to buy a 10 marla plot.

                  But as brocker told me it would cost me around 4200000 pkr--

                  but the instalment and downpayment is same as above you mentioned.

                    2167 days ago 

                    (182 posts)
                    @ Ihsan Ur Rehman. So what do you say about the prices of Nargis block? Going up?

                      2167 days ago 

                      Syed Ismail
                      (1 post)
                      Dear Readers...

                      I can observe the confusion in some people's mind that the plot's booking price is 3,100,000 then why they should pay 4,200,000 or 4,300,000...

                      Infact the booking price is 3,100,000 but the current market price including own is 4,300,000 to 6,000,000 depending upon location as the balloting of plots has been done.

                      Following are the estimated prices of different locations:

                      -General Plot - (4,300,000 to 4,700,000)

                      -Facing Park - (4,700,000 to 5,300,000)

                      -Corner - (4,500,000 to 5,000,000)

                      -Boundary - (4,250,000 to 4,450,000)

                      -Facing Golf - (5,500,000 to 6,000,000)

                      Installment's payment plan has also been changed and now only one installment has become due. So, its the best and right time to invest as the expected price of plot at possession stage is expected to be more than 9,000,000.

                      For further details and confirm plots:

                      Syed Ismail

                      +92-300-8115005; +92-300-6305005

                      LEGACY - Real Estate Group

                      125-B, Sector C, Bahria Town, Lahore
                        2143 days ago 

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