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Capital Development Authority (CDA) is planning to develop a signal-free highway along foothills of Margalla.

The 32-kilometre-long Margalla Highway will connect the motorway with the Murree Expressway some three kilometre ahead of Bhara Kahu.

The road will pass through the north east edge of the city behind C, E and F series sectors. It will run parallel to Khayaban-e-Iqbal, commonly known as Margalla road behind Sector F-6 and touch Murree road near Kot Hathyal Village.

The highway would be constructed on the existing alignment of the under-construction Margalla Avenue. Around 50 per cent of work on the nine-kilometer long Margalla Avenue, which was to connect Sector D-12 to GT road near Sangjani, has already been completed.

"Now, Margalla Avenue will not culminate at D-12, but will extend up to Kot Hathyal, two kilometre from Murree Expressway," a CDA official said.

The project, forwarded by the Federal Government, is at its planning stage and believed to have been fast-tracked following prime minister’s meeting with the CDA chairman a few days ago, he said.

The master plan of Islamabad provides for construction of the highway and the CDA has now undertaken the project in the face of traffic congestion on most major arteries of the capital. Once completed, the highway will also serve as a dividing point between Zone-II and Zone-III of the capital.

For the CDA, it would be a big task to take possession of land behind the E-series of sectors, as most of this land is under the control of the armed forces and without their consent, it would be impossible to execute the project.

However, the authority has been facing some problems owing to the faulty alignment of Margalla Avenue, which will become the base point of Margalla Highway.

"During the previous regime, the CDA kicked off the Margalla Avenue project in haste and its alignment was deliberately altered for obvious reasons which made the project difficult to execute," the official commented.

CDA member planning and design Waseem Ahmed Khan told The Express Tribune that the project was at its preliminary stage. He said that the master plan of Islamabad provides for construction of the highway, however, he did not share further details.

    2013 days ago In Upcoming Projects
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    (73 posts)
    Any idea about time frame. I am intrusted in its impact on zone 2
      2013 days ago 

      (504 posts)
      Ideally it may be operational by oct 2016 if we link it with the completion of New Airport. I heared from some one reliable source that there are going to be 12 out roads from airport towards different directions one of which is MA to be linked with new airport I don't know the rout of this link.
        2013 days ago 

        (251 posts)
        It will be operational in 3000 having seen CDA performance!!!
          2013 days ago 

          (504 posts)
          Ehsan Bhai :)
            2013 days ago 

            (316 posts)
            We should see this as a positive development. But i think it is a 2020 plan by CDA :)

            and 200% it will not effect the B-17 now :)
              2013 days ago 

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