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[6 Replies]
As per today's Dunya newspaper; Punjab government asked tender for the under ground metro train service in Lahore for 27-km (starting from Thoker Niaz Baig towards Sabzazar, Samanabad, Choburji, Shalimar Bagh etc). As per news; its cost would be around US$2 billion. It would be completed in 2.5 years on urgent basis.

    2314 days ago In Commercial Projects
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    (3020 posts)
    La'ore La'ore aye ....

    Jinnay La'ore nai deikheya ....
      2314 days ago 

      (1106 posts)

      Unfortunately; whole development and projects are focused in Lahore. Other cities of Punjab are already suffering due to this disparity. Because of this discrimination; everybody from other villages and cities are shifting towards Lahore which leads to urbanization. At the end; it would become another Karachi (mess of everything). Whenever city's population increase than a limit; it becomes difficult to manage the things. Punjab Govt. Should start projects in ignored cities so that people do not move towards Lahore.

      This is just my point of view
        2314 days ago 

        (93 posts)
        No law and order but rubbish show case projects, read the story about metro bus in dawn news.
          2314 days ago 

          (610 posts)
          Normal Rail tu chal nahi rahi in say, underground subway kaisay chal jaye gi...amazing
            2314 days ago 

            (642 posts)
            I have seen that advertisement and I don't think the tender is asking for an "underground" metro. From the details in the ad, it seems it will be built on the same pattern as the metro bus.

            I agree with the concern expressed above that this government is consuming the major chunk of development budget for Lahore-centric projects, which is exactly what the PML govt did the last time they came to power. Last time they wanted to turn Lahore into Paris, and this time the slogan is Istanbul!

            On the other hand, I am also surprised to see that despite so much development work going on over there, the Lahore property market is in recession. Its an interesting situation.
              2313 days ago 

              Naina ali
              (45 posts)
              Respected Members shud be happy that a major urban city is upgrading on such scale after Karachi where You or me wont go to risk our life..

              Lahore is in Pakistan guys not in India :)

              the thing is Development always in progress where consumption and facilities are much in demand and industry and business going well, so Lahore is now becoming Central location for investors, industrialist, job holders and for living.

              you will agree you cant afford to run Metro Bus or Train in Pattoki, sahiwal, or Gujrat etc

              but i agree in major cities of punjab more development needed like RWP, FSD, GUJ, MUL,SIALKOt etc , where all transport project are coming like Metro bus.

              so lets hope for the Best :)
                2288 days ago 

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