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Dear Team,

NFC 2 Co-Op Housing Society, Lahore is a fast emerging and developing society. Located next to Bahria Town Lahore on Main Canal road with a land of 7000 Kanal, it has shown sharp increase in prices and great ROI withing last few years.

1 Kanal plot was for 6.5 lac (cost of land) in 2010, same went up to 10 lac in 2012. Now same plot is for 19 lac today. Same is the rate of appreciation for 10 Marla and 5 Marla plots.

It has added advantage of having direct access from both Multan road and Canal road. It is actually located on the Canal road and Multan road both.

The development work is in progress at a fast pace. Last year main 100 feet and 80 feet roads were constructed. Now the smaller 40 feet roads are going to be constructed this summer very soon (news is for next month).

Bahria itself does not have access to Multan road, and now will be getting access to Multan road through NFC main road which is entering into Sector Bahria E. Bilawal house is constructed on the same road on the boundary of NFC and Bahria.

I personally think it is the best place to invest currently. NFC 1 is already an outclass built society in Lahore and fully populated.

I request the experts to shed some expert opinion on it.

    2300 days ago In Residential Schemes
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    Well chosen scheme for discussion here, a really good society to invest and as a matter of fact bahria sector f is getting an approach through nfc 2. Though before sector f of bahria nfc 2 was an average society but after announcement of f sector the prices of nfc 2 raised vigorously. I prefer to invest in this scheme it will be fruitful.
      2300 days ago 

      (3020 posts)
      I think it is this area generally that iis rising in value. Ten years ago people thought that the area after thokar niaz baig towards multan is very far and not a place to live. Now in my view this area is fast becoming the most posh one of lahore with societies like green forts, eme, sukh chayn, bahria town where you have bilawal palace, previously the new posh localities were model town and gulberg, then it became garden town, faisal town etc. Now it is the area on multan road and canal. This is the area to buy, and in the second place is the area of airport near dha phase 8.
        2299 days ago 

        (243 posts)
        Exactly pk1 after thokar naiz baig now at multan road and canal road all the areas worth living are developing. But ali talked about nfc 2, discuss here nfc 2 waiting for your expert opinion.
          2297 days ago 

          (4 posts)
          Went to NFC 2 few days ago. Few guys were sitting under a tent close to the canal. Fishing there and trying to materialise a rip off price of 3.5m (ex. Dev charges) i.e. 4.1m for the 1 kanal plot. Serious dealers are selling something around 2.5m to 3m. I personally believe multan road is the worst road going to the city. At evening its about more than 30 mins drive in heavy reckless traffic to thokar.soceity itself is pretty much deserted. Machiery is getting rusted without any sign of new machinery coming in for 40feet roads.i m not an expert but i think it will take more than 5 yrs to develop and not sure how much a plot will cost in dollar terms.
            2120 days ago 

            (1106 posts)

            I agree with you that travelling at multan road is not comfortable And nfc2 is far away from thokkar. Development pace at nfc2 is also not admirable. This society future totally depends on bahria town.

            Most of the people especially overseas pakistani invested in it without visiting the society.
              2120 days ago 

              (4 posts)
              Thanks for ur fast input irfan, thats wht i was wondering. Multan road is not something that bahria town will dying competes with GT road after kala shah kaku for first spot of worst road to enter lahore. Which means the place is like shahdara which is far from city centre.
              Anyway, jokes aside, do u think ring road will be game changer and one shud invest in NFC2 for 2-4 yrs. Wht else do u suggest in 3-4m budget for a kanal?
                2120 days ago 

                KJ Estate
                (3 posts)
                Dear Readers

                1. NFC has its own worth in terms of location, system, security, LDA NOCs and safety of public money provided to members by the Cooperative Law.

                2. NFC 2 is a proper public cooperative housing society meant for the members of National Fertilizers Corporation of Pakistan.

                3. NFC Society management and system do not spend money on unnecessary advertisements, functions, dealers kick backs and etc. Rather nfc has given plots in instalments with welfare rates i.e 70 % less prices as compared to its neighbours.

                4. Development is naturally slow. However, much of work has been done.

                5. There is no question of lacking in development and possession in five years. Possession of commercial area has been given and residential possession will be started by end of this year or early 2015.

                6. Owners who followed negative propaganda from cheap websites sold their plots worth 3-8 lacs six months ago are now repending as prices have gone up by three times.

                7. Now the prices can only come down if people sell their plots at throw away prices which most of agents and investors are false hoping.

                8. Owner and buyers must take a positive perspective of the society and gain advantage rather taking negative propaganda.

                9. Multan Road now has got status of Motorway and has no traffic problems as such. Road along lahore canal is functioning well except in area of nfc 2. This potion will also be constructed when possession would be given.

                10. Lahore Ring Road passing through Bahria and NFC will also resolve traffic problems.

                11. Last but not the least NFC should not be expected on lines of DHA and in certain cases Bahria Town.

                11. Please you can get latest information from us any time. KJ Estate 03004000565.
                  1957 days ago 

                  KJ Estate
                  (3 posts)
                  News : NFC Management Elections are happening in May 2014.

                  1. Now four executive members would be elected from the members of of plots of National Fertilizers Corporation of Pakistan.

                  2. 1x member would be elected from the resident members or property owners in NFC Phase 1.

                  3. 1x member would be elected from the members of property owners of nfc phase 2.

                  4. All members are welcome to contest elections or caste votes to the right management committee who will equally deliver well like the past managements.

                  5. KJ Estate : 03004000565 : 35189283 : 35748805
                    1957 days ago 

                    (3 posts)
                    The exact date of NFC Management elections is May 11, 2014(Sunday). As far as development is concerned, development on 40 feet road is expected to start in June 2014. With the development of 40 feet road, prices may increase at least 3-4 lac.
                      1943 days ago 

                      (146 posts)

                      NFC Lahore phase 1 was a state of the art project in its time and now time is getting closer and closer to actually see NFC Lahore phase 2 to become a reality too. Prices in NFC Lahore phase 2 are just dirt cheap when you look at compare it with even non possession Bahria town plots prices. I agree Bahria Town is Bahria Town nothing come closer to it BUT my friends we as investors have to see many other things. NFC Lahore phase 2 has lot more room to give you better return percentage wise than Bahria town. Gains in Bahria Town Lahore will be lot less than gains in NFC Lahore percentage wise for a 2 to 5 years investment. Why? Just a few reasons.

                      I dont know when but I am 99.9999999% sure one day in near or long future Bahria Town Lahore management will take over NFC Lahore phase 2 just like they have done it many times in Islamabad for many smaller schemes. NFC Lahore phase 2 location and especially its direct access to Multan road and possibly Lahore Ring Road southern part and still lot lower prices of NFC Lahore phase 2 makes it a perfect target for Bahria Town take over that will be loved by NFC Lahore phase 2 current owners and even management. Bahria town may pay lot better salary than current pay :) .

                      NFC Lahore phase 2 is currently under development but pace is slower than expectation. I think NFC Lahore management may be slowing its development on purpose so in future Bahria Town could add few things here and there for making some money from takeover. In real estate investments locations and access is most important thing. Development standard is also very important. Development standard of NFC Lahore phase 2 is very high quality for this low prices housing scheme. Lahore Real Estate do recommend you buy 10 to 25% of your real estate investment budget in NFC Lahore phase 2.

                        1942 days ago 

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