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Sufiyan Mahm..
( 80 posts )

[15 Replies]
The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has announced launching the Park Enclave-II Extension project. In comparison to the large-sized plots available in the Park Enclave I and II, the extension will offer small and medium-sized plots suitable for the middle-class section of the society.

Spanning across 900 kanals of land, the Park Enclave-II Extension project will fall between Park Enclave I and II. Moreover, the CDA has begun fencing the area around the proposed land and it has also approved the layout plan that shows the project comprising of plots sizing to 5, 7, 10, and 14 marlas. Some plots of 1 kanal will also be available.

The CDA expects to launch the Park Enclave-II Extension project in September with plots to be allotted via open balloting. This is a good initiative taken by the CDA to provide housing options to more people in the city – given that it is delivered timely.

    277 days ago In Residential Schemes
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    Inamullah Kh..
    (114 posts)
    I think this will turn out a good investment opportunity. There doesn't seem any land issue also. The only issue is the political will and pace of CDA. They are also talking about I-12, I-15, F-15. So dont know what priority tag will each venture get.
      277 days ago 

      Sufiyan Mahm..
      (80 posts)
      Yes, land availability is not a problem. If the Park Enclave-II Extension project reaches completion in time, then it would not only provide investment opportunities but also good housing options within an affordable price range.

      You make a good point that the Capital Development Authority (CDA) is talking about several developments, including work in stalled sectors. This does make one question the pace of the projects being undertaken. Hopefully, the Park Enclave-II Extension project is going to be one of the priority ventures.
        276 days ago 

        (344 posts)
        What will be price bracket for different sizes ?
          276 days ago 

          Hassan Raza
          (3 posts)
          Prices vary between 13.75 per Marla..
            275 days ago 

            Saqib waheed
            (2 posts)
            Today jang news have this news with plot sizes & prices
              273 days ago 

              (97 posts)

              Good to see CDA forced to become proactive on most fronts lately after 20-30 dark years of deliberate forced hibernation. The ad mentioned above isnt available online. Could anyone share more info regarding plot prices please. Thanks
                273 days ago 

                Sufiyan Mahm..
                (80 posts)
                The project is now being called Park Enclave III and the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has given its approval to conduct the balloting for the said project.

                CDA will build the Park Enclave III project on a total area of 902 kanals. The scheme is set to feature about 1,061 plots of various sizes. The details on the plot sizes and their prices are as follows:

                • PKR 7.79 million for 25x50 sq ft plot

                • PKR 15.08 million for 35x70 sq ft plot

                • PKR 19.70 million for 40x80 sq ft plot

                • PKR 27.7 million for 50x90 sq ft plot

                Moreover, CDA plans to hold the ballot event for Park Enclave III in September.
                  270 days ago 

                  Sufiyan Mahm..
                  (80 posts)
                  The Capital Development Authority (CDA) will conduct the Park Enclave III ballot event on September 24 at the Jinnah Convention Centre in Islamabad.

                  The last date for submitting the applications for booking a plot in the project is September 17. The CDA, in the Park Enclave III ballot event, will allocate plot numbers against 1,000 residential plots. The down payment is 10% of the total price and remaining cost can be cleared in 18 monthly instalments. Additionally, the CDA revealed that the last instalment would be payable at the time of possession.

                  Moreover, the CDA has revealed the exact location of the Park Enclave II opposite Park Road and Chak Shahzad Farm Houses, and falling adjacent to the CDA Orchard and Agro Farms. For more information of Park Enclave III ballot, applicants can content the CDA Directorate of Estate Management-I on +9251-925-2428.
                    262 days ago 

                    (17 posts)
                    Anybody have received the broucher? Is it possible to share the details about the application processing fee etc.
                      262 days ago 

                      Ammar Khan
                      (256 posts)
                      Bought it from CDA one window operation G-6. Brochure with application form is Rs.10,000 and to be submitted along with 10% downpayment. Quantity of plots is very less and people are showing more interest because of CDA tag
                        261 days ago 

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