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Muhammad Tah..
( 19 posts )

[4 Replies]

I need to get latest information regarding the pha housing project kuri road progress and its future prospects. And does anybody knows that how much profit the sellers are demanding nowadays.Secondly, is it going to be livable in the coming 2 years?

    1352 days ago In Govt Housing Schemes
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    (94 posts)
    If the present pace of work remain intact it may be livable by 2019. Its location is good but access is very bad which is a main issue for the residencia. Secondly it is a bit depression. Dealers/sellers are asking huge profit but in reality profit is not as much. For example,for 8 marla grey structure profit is being demanded 27-33 lac (actual market profit is 18-23 lac)

    same ratio is applicable for other sizes
      1351 days ago 

      Khan Sahib
      (418 posts)
      Thanks Tanvir for your valuable input. A dealer mentioned that PHA will get access from Park Enclave as well. Just wanted to know your views on how credible this information is.
        1351 days ago 

        Muhammad Tah..
        (19 posts)
        One dealer also told me about the access from park enclave. It is almost attached to park enclave. The profit ratio that you mentioned means that 1 crore profit for the ones of one kanal?
          1351 days ago 

          (94 posts)
          By ratio I mean difference between demand and actual price. For bigger plot/house profit percentage is always less than that of smaller sizes. So their demand will not be crore for kanal but may be around 50-60 lac but I did not check exactly. Regarding access from park enclave it is just assumption/hope not finalized yet.

          If you go to buy something following is normal talk of dealers:

          1. Market is hot

          2. In future that road will interconnect with this and so on... 3. Currently hardly ant plot is available in market

          4. People are saving it for future.

          5. It will be developed very soon.

          6. You can get, let say on small plot, 5-10 lac in next 3-6 months

          If you go to sell they used to say:

          1. Market is very slow these days.

          2. People are selling these plots as these have no future.

          3. People are more interested in newly launch projects so offer is lees etc.

          Why they say all these because now the trend is that dealers do not share exact price to both sellers and buyers but they earn some difference from buyer plus commission from both side.

            1351 days ago 

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