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Haroon Siddi..
( 86 posts )

[31 Replies]
Green Palms: This is a Rafi Group project. As per GDA website, they have 247 acres of land on Makran Coastal Highway. Also on GDA website, it is stated that their NOC is 'restored conditionally'.

Rafi Group is owned by Imtiaz Rafi Butt. A big party of Lahore. Imtiaz is a personal childhood friend of Mian Nawaz Sharif. His father Mohammad Rafi Butt was a friend of Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

It is being marketed by LRE and UPN.

Here is the GDA Website that mentions other projects too.


So what is the prospect of all these investment? There are too many projects.

    1460 days ago In Upcoming Projects
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    (883 posts)
    I SAID PUNJABI'S BRCAUSE ITS office in lahore , we do not have to travel there and its a costly journey right now , its authentic scheme , rafi group constructed almost 30 projects on lahore , never back off . Sangar , new town and gwadar industrial is out of range
      1453 days ago 

      (3 posts)
      I would not recommend for investment in Gwadar, many private housing companies are just scamming because of CPEC but actually the area is not suitable for any residential or commercial activities (except govt or china projects) for next 10-15 years. Keep in min that all theses housing companies have already sold same plots some 7-10 years ago and disappeared, and now back again with new names and NOC. Having an NOC does not mean that your investment is safe, it can be cancelled anytime because of poor progress.

      Look for roads and proper residential development work in progress on ground, not showing pictures of Dubai and Singapore in news papers or TV.
        1451 days ago 

        Rafique Ahme..
        (54 posts)
        Is this right time to invest in Gwadar? Which project is safe & secure?
          1450 days ago 

          ARMCO Holdin..
          (87 posts)

          Perfect time to invest in gwadar.
            1450 days ago 

            Imran Khan
            (387 posts)
            Perfect time to invest in Gwadar,


            who is going to live there???

            will be there be any demand for residential plots?

            Will it turn into dubai like city ever?

            will they keep the same standard of living? in dubai people from more than 200 countries are living if the major foreigners left the city it will go down. So how it will be possible for gwadar?
              1449 days ago 

              Atif Masroor
              (5 posts)
              Someone has local knowledge of how much Rafi Group is active in developing. As NOC is renewed conditionally & expecting minimum of 30% development. If that is not done whole investment goes at risk.
                1446 days ago 

                (6 posts)
                ANY NEWS
                  1366 days ago 

                  (1 post)
                  Prices in Gwadar New Town Residential & Commercial, Sanghar Housing residential, Airport road Commercial and Marine drive commercials have increased 100% during last two months.
                    1364 days ago 

                    Zaheer Malik
                    (4 posts)
                    Nowadays Gwadar is a very hot topic if you want to know more about Gwadar furniture go to the bellow link.



                      1324 days ago 

                      Zain Asghar
                      (5 posts)
                      MGH Engineering and Control Pvt Ltd provide complete M.E.P solutions (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing)

                      We are Turnkey solution providers for following:

                      Air conditioning System

                      Power solution and generators

                      Lift & escalator

                      Building management system

                      Fire protection system

                      Zain Asghar

                      Manager, Business Development

                        1322 days ago 

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