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[7 Replies]
The never ending expansion of Karachi is itself a big problem and is causing a lot of law and order and political issues.

Perhaps Sindh Assembly should pass a new law to develop a very big new city 100 - 150 kms away from Karachi with public-private partnership. This kind of projects are known all over the world as ppp projects (from public-private-partnership).

A new modern city with 8 lane motorways and high-speed train links to Karachi and later on gradually with Hyderabad, Gwadar and Quetta.

Read the remaining post at the following URL => A new Karachi needs to be built
What are your views?

    2497 days ago In Upcoming Projects
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    Samra Zulfiq..
    (484 posts)
    Very true PK1, all of the issues that have become synonymous with Karachi can be fixed this way, but is it possible? I know the answer already, don't you?

    You are a dreamer and i like that.

    Samra Zulfiqar
      2441 days ago 

      Ahmed Sajjad
      (12 posts)
      With all due respect, he is not a dreamer but at the same time does one think that any one at the helm of the affairs wants a solution to Karachi's problems. People who want a solution are choosing to go abroad where thee are no such issues. But setting up new cities should take place as the population grows, providing industrial and services setups.
        2440 days ago 

        Samra Zulfiq..
        (484 posts)
        Agreed with you too Ahmed Sajjad. How wonderful it would be if endorsing the truth can become a national practice in Pakistan? :P
          2438 days ago 

          Ahmed Sajjad
          (12 posts)
          @ Samra :)
          BTW are you in real estate business? If so, what are your areas if operation since I need to buy property for myself so maybe you can be some help too.
            2438 days ago 

            Nafees Bhatt..
            (336 posts)
            Not a bad idea! In fact I think they should do it with Lahore as well.
              2438 days ago 

              M A Khan
              (6 posts)
              Who should hang the bell. No one is sincere with Karachi. May be some one play this for political issue only and drag it for several elections. I wrote "PLAY"
                2417 days ago 

                (69 posts)
                Very True Paki-1!!! Dreams and good hopes we need that big time.
                  1893 days ago 

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