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Ubaid Ali
( 74 posts )

[2 Replies]
Let’s talk about the sindh building control authority (sbca) recent activity. The department has only woken up recently to realize that – apparently – hundreds (bordering on thousands) of residential buildings in karachi are not developed to meet the established construction standards?

Every other day, there is a new building declared ‘illegally developed’ or is being demolished for violating building bylaws. The other day there was a news about razing of a building in gulbahar colony which has started to lean towards one side and its residents fear collapse. Things have really gotten into fast track after the golimaar tragedy. I mean how could things get this bad initially and in karachi? The biggest metropolitan of pakistan?

Now that the karachi supreme court registry has slammed sbca for corruption (that goes back to several decades) the department has finally risen from slumber and is taking action. However, this activity has triggered homelessness and bankruptcy for thousands. Don’t get me wrong, i am all for this department getting its act straight but who will answer for the losses? Moreover, since apparently vertical residences in pakistan is going to be a thing, can we accept similar issues to be extended in other cities as well? Because i have been seeing a lot of construction on smaller plots where the number of floors is bound to be exceeding allowed limit.

    393 days ago In Residential Schemes
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    Hasham Naqvi
    (96 posts)
    I am afraid these valid concerns are a self-fulfilling prophecy, Mr Ubaid. I, too, am really enraged about the current residential situation in Karachi. Another tragedy has struck as a five-storey residential building has collapsed in Lyari’s Khadda market on Sunday. The building housed eight families – and they have lost their loved ones.

    The establishment of such structures in densely-populated and narrow streets raises questions like why is the government even paying the city and town planning departments? Should we approach the SBCA about the death of these people? Who will compensate for the loss? Now I understand that the corrupt private entities who sought out profits by building sub-standard structures are also to be blamed but it is the authorities in place who are charged with stopping this practice have instead succumbed to taking bribes and leaving the mess to their successors.
      331 days ago 

      Muhammad Kha..
      (74 posts)
      I have heard that the SBCA is issuing notices for families to vacate the dilapidated buildings but the problem is that if they leave their homes, where will they go? According to news reports, the SBCA inspection team did provide them with a notice on March 15 to vacate the premises, but no action was taken in face of non-compliance. The authority has also declared at least 250 structures (located in the Southern district) in danger of collapsing and talks are being held with the residents who refuse to leave. Obviously, nobody wishes to lose the roof over their heads. The legislative work is still underway that will provide alternate accommodations. What I wish to know is that why wasn’t the first concern (of the authorities in question) of alternate accommodations?
        330 days ago 

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