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Tahir hussai..
( 8 posts )

[5 Replies]
Dear is it good opportunity to open business in bahria town lahore regarding the solar energy projects for residential homes, even there is no load shedding in bahria town but electricity cost is increasing.

    1840 days ago In Residential Schemes
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    Baber Rabban..
    (1628 posts)
    Not a feasible business option. We have psyche of paying extra amount every month but not investing lum sum to save money.
      1840 days ago 

      (1346 posts)
      Tahir, its a good idea dear, but why restrict it to Bahria only. You can target all new housing projects and people who spend millions on construction can spare few lacs for solar thermal and electrical system I am sure. But it really depends if you take good quality products instead of cheap Chinese stuff.
        1840 days ago 

        Tahir hussai..
        (8 posts)
        Thanks dear, offcourse i will start other areas also. I am bahria town resident and i have my own commercial property. I believe bahria residents people need good quality products. I am bringing all products from korea.

        Moreover, i am interested other trades also like air conditioning, plumbing, cctv and electrical
          1836 days ago 

          Rizwan Khali..
          (4 posts)
          Dear Tahir,

          I would also suggest not to limit your business to bahria only, also there is good business scope in solar products for residential and commercial users. I have also heard there are companies providing such solutions to tube wells. You have any idea ?
            1824 days ago 

            (1 post)
            As i see the solar projects in pak are at its baby steps. Im a complete solar solutions provider my self... Looking to get into pak and do major solar projects as i have companies for similar based in germany uae austria switzerland.. Let me know if any interested to require starting 100 mw to 3000mw solar plant, there are many eco friendly ways to generate electricity... And deffo durable for upto 10 to 15 years
              1071 days ago 

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