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[4 Replies]
There is a movement in many countries of the world opposing gated communities because these encourage social divisions and economic classes in society (and we already have too many divisions in pakistan). These are the points they raise:

(i) by physically separating residents from the city or town in which they live, gated communities reduce the residents' civic involvement and disrupt the social contracts that cities and towns are built on.

(2) in conventional city neighborhoods, more powerful, well-organized groups (for example bureaucrats of islamabad) use their resources to improve city life for everyone. If crime is an issue, these groups will cause changes that benefit the entire community.

(3) however, the privatization of a neighborhood that occurs in a gated community disrupts this ideal. From the residents' perspective, problems and issues exist either 'in here' or 'out there'. Residents may become isolated and alienated from the city, and when they worry about only their own gated neighborhood, they are only worrying about themselves. The gate itself is a response to urban crime, but a response that only benefits the residents of the development.

(4) this would not be an issue if every one in our society had equal power. The problem is that residents of these gated communities are the richer, more influential members of a society. When they feel that they have solved the crime problem with a gate, when they are comfortable that their own family is safe, they can put the matter to rest in their minds. The reality, however, is that the rest of the citizens, particularly the ones who are least empowered, continue to face the same problems.

(5) this isnt to say that residents of gated communities are not just as caring, concerned and socially active as the rest of us. In some ways, they are even more active than most people. They took a step to deal with a social problem, and it is a perfectly understandable step to take. The problem arises when residents become citizens of their private community and forget that they are also citizens of a wider community, one that can't solve its problems with a gate.

(6) of course, individuals and developers are free to build and live in gated communities. However, the real danger is that gated communities will become common in islamabad and fragment our beautiful city. As rich families and individuals move into gated communities, traditional neighborhoods weaken, and more affluent families feel that the only way to maintain their standard of living is to move into a gated community themselves.

(7) additionally, developers are more likely to build developments with gates and add gates to existing developments if they think gates make their developments more attractive. Even the presence of one gated community can make other developers feel that they are at a competitive disadvantage without a gate. This effect 'snowballs' and the impact on the city can be dramatic.

(8) gated communities are also a significant threat to urban development and may undermine current goals and initiatives. Gating means that there is a significant crime perception but that is not the actual case. Islamabad is a safe, open city and this is a significant attraction for prospective residents and businesses. The presence of gated communities may mislead people especially many overseas pakistanis from moving back to pakistan. Growth is crucial to islamabad's futures and should not be threatened by misrepresentation.

(9) furthermore, proliferation of gated communities could act as a self-fulfilling prophecy that drives crime rates up as traditional neighborhoods deteriorate.

(10) govt officials and private citizens alike should carefully consider these issues when existing developments propose gating or new developments plan to build gates. Islamabad became the most beautiful city because of concern and interest of its residents. Gated communities threaten that citizen involvement. This, in turn, threatens islamabad's future.

    2748 days ago In Residential Schemes
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    Chaudhry Fah..
    (219 posts)
    I think we need these gated and walled communities... Because of law and order problems.
      2423 days ago 

      Baber Rabban..
      (1628 posts)
      Pakistan has peculiar problems. Gated communities are liked by the consumers/users. Afterall, we should understand that gated communities never mean that everyone is prohibited to enter except residents. It's just an extra check.
        2423 days ago 

        (3020 posts)
        Malik sahab these gated communities do separate us from the neighbouring areas and increase disparities ..... Do you think people in Bahria pindi will socialise with or even communicate with PWD? Or will residents of DHA talk to people in Humak town?
          2422 days ago 

          (1014 posts)
          Pk1 bhai.. Even if you remove the gates and boundary walls etc, people of DHA will not talk to people of Humak town a lot. Instead they will leave DHA and go to another place which suits them and gives them a better environment.
            2422 days ago 

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