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Hassan Basra
( 31 posts )

[12 Replies]
As most profitable business in pakistan with almost 100% percent return and increasing urbanisation gujranwala has emerged as a golden place to invest after massive success of citi big names like dha and fazaia have launched in gujranwla.
How does the investor feel?
How much risk?
Whats the return?
How much time for boom?
Is it all a dream r a reality?
What potential gujranwala has for investors and profit makers?

    1702 days ago In General Advice
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    (145 posts)
    I think fazaia is a gud investment in gujranwala,, as its a government scheme so its a safe investment ,, and i think the prices will go up in fazaia
      1702 days ago 

      Real Estate ..
      (1046 posts)
      Even DHA Gujranwala is a good development for long-term investment.

      Can anyone update me if they are still acquiring land in DHA Gujranwala?

      zain Nadeem
        1701 days ago 

        Nafees Bhatt..
        (336 posts)
        I have to agree with my man Zain here. If your pocket allows, and you want to invest in Gujranwala, there is no other option you should be considering. I'd myself buy there had I not been stuck in BT Islamabad.

        I don't know if anyone else noticed but the focus is shifting from metropolitan to these smaller cities and towns which is a good sign and probably be helpful in bringing down the rate of urbanization. Not that it's something we should be aiming for but it will take the load off bigger cities which have already stretched disproportionately.
          1701 days ago 

          Shehryar Qur..
          (150 posts)
          I will vote for DHA Gujranwala as DHA has a strong background since many years and investors feel quite safe in investing in DHA properties.
            1701 days ago 

            (631 posts)
            Before i start my discussion, i would like to clarify that i am not a Property Dealer; Just have 2 plots near New Islamabad Airport (Alhamdulilah). Please Read:-

            I would suggest better is to shift investment to the area surrounding New Islamabad Airport Main Link Road. I think now for at least next 2/3 yrs, investment center will be New Islamabad Airport. It is, therefore, my very sincere advice to all brothers that the area around NIIA is going to become Property Hub. Particularly, Genuine buyers must be aware of Risk involved in buying Property in Bahria/DHA.There are 90% Possibilities of decline in prices of Bahria/DHA due to the Approval Of Approach Road New Islamabad Airport. Because this Express Road will pass thru Top City-1/Mumtaz City. Particularly TopCity-1 is located just ahead of Main Entrance New Islamabad Airport. It will become Commercial Hub in coming 02 yrs. Rest Allah knows better
              1699 days ago 

              (1346 posts)
              Nice try Ali, but no, thank you.... See my response to your spam on "Islamabad Orchards" thread....

                1699 days ago 

                (4 posts)
                In my opinion, DHA Gujranwala is the best option for investment. Currently prices of files are reasonable, once the development starts, they will go up quite a bit.
                  1699 days ago 

                  (145 posts)
                  Guys what u think of fazaia??

                  i m going to invest dre as the prices seem to b reasonable,, what u suggest??
                    1699 days ago 

                    Hassan Basra
                    (31 posts)
                    Aman and best time to invest is right now contact me for good deals

                    hassan basra

                      1698 days ago 

                      Hamza Asif
                      (830 posts)
                      Gujranwala is a business city and investors take interest to invest over there. If anyone need construction or architectural services then we would like to work for you. We have constructed many big projects of plazas and hotels in Lahore as well. So, if you are interested then you are more than welcome.

                        1698 days ago 

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