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Hasham Naqvi
( 66 posts )

[7 Replies]
I have come to believe that the owner of BWC has an endless supply of cash and some pretty strong connections. I mean, how many brands were trying to get the Turkish actor on board and to visit Pakistan? And who finally did it? A man notorious for running an illegal housing project. He even got Prime Minister Imran Khan to visit him in person to receive funds for coronavirus prevention.

But I am honestly amazed at this company’s networking, they are really attempting everything within their grasp to whitewash their illegal housing scheme. Who would like to bet that in a month or two, this scheme will be declared to be legal? Because I now believe it can happen and we may even have another Malik Riaz in the making.

    24 days ago In Residential Schemes
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    Raja Waqas
    (26 posts)
    Your points are valid ,I'm curious also to get to know who is the main player behind him
      23 days ago 

      (106 posts)
      One thing I can't understand is that why a visit of some actor will have an impact on that society...earlier, the things that increased the prices of societies were news and speculations like "yahan se CPEC guzray ga"... "yahan se RRR guzray ga"... "yahan aik pul ban jaye ga"...."yahan se aik nayi road niklay gi" etc etc

      and in case of BWC, the selling point is visit of an actor...

      Pity to this nation!
        22 days ago 

        Hasham Naqvi
        (66 posts)
        You are right Mansoor but it's not like that the projects with better access and visibility will be worse off now. For some reason, however, this Turkish drama has struck an emotional chord with our nation!

        They are building statues, offering gifts and have become simpering fans for just this one show. To me, it’s like they can’t even differentiate the reality from fiction. You can see this Turkish actor asked to lay the foundation stone for the project's mosque. And for what? Sometimes, I think our people have failed to realise that Engin is not Ertugul.
          21 days ago 

          (85 posts)

          Lol its nothing new guys, majority of the gullible public around the world cant differentiate between fact and fiction, just look at the good old examples of Arnold Shwzngr voted in as governor or Ronald Reagan as president. Laughable but true. Film tv actors/Noutanki are considered as idols in todays age unfortunately. Celebrity endorsement realy does work in todays marketing.
            21 days ago 

            Raja Waqas
            (26 posts)
            Dear mansoor shb ,

            The whole point of marketing dies,why shahid afridi is in every commercial in Pakistan if his presence doesn't matter

            No one wants to say at that time how much quality of boom boom bubble gum is , these celebrities helps sell there items and that's why they are highly paid for promotions.

            At other discussion in this forum someone said sky marketing should be zimedaar for flop projects which they marketed previously . Sadly no one will be accountable in this country
              20 days ago 

              (7 posts)
              Ertugral cancelled his agreement with BLUE WORLD after knowing that its illegal.
                12 days ago 

                Hasham Naqvi
                (66 posts)
                Dear Slick, I wholeheartedly agree with your statement that celebrity idols are being upheld as standards that people should aspire to. Their mansions, their cars, their glam personas sell everything from matchsticks to planes — all because people want to BE them. As for Mr Waqas, I think we should hold marketers responsible. We should make it so that celebs won’t be able to promote products that they don’t actually use themselves. Like I once heard that Fawad Khan is the brand ambassador for products that he actually uses in his daily life. Now I’m not saying that getting a celebrity’s approval should be the gold standard, but if celebrities did actually use the products they were advertising then at least it would give them some credibility. A good example is that of Prime Minister Imran Khan, who chose to go to Shaukat Khanum hospital instead of a foreign hospital.

                Thank you for your contribution guys. I also have an update. Looks like Engin Altan Duzyatan, the star of Turkish drama Ertugrul Ghazi, has seen this forum post *wink*... Because he cancelled his contract with Blue World City.

                  16 hours ago 

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