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I came across this, i am not sure what is the update on this. Thought it might help the people make a better decision and research before they invest in a housing scheme.

News from may 16, 2012

Lahore – city district government and lahore development authority have declared 102 private housing schemes illegal because no formal approval for them has been obtained from cdg and lda.

A spokesman of lda said such information have been released in order to inform the general public, prospective buyers and the investors. People have been advised, in their own interest, to refrain from purchasing plots in these schemes and verify the legal status of these schemes from lda before making any investment or transaction. Lda shall not be responsible in case of any loss in this regard.

The 52 illegal schemes of lda include al-rahim gardens, ashrafi town, bahria town phase-ii, barkat town, brunai town, chirag gardens, dream gardens, farid town, farid town, fateh villas, firdous colony, gangwa town, grand avenue housing scheme, greater town,green cap housing scheme, gulberg park housing scheme, hafiz town, ideal garden housing scheme, jamia muhammadabad society (only boundary wall), jannat colony, jannat gardens, khayaban-e-iqbal town, lahore park view, libya town, malik park, muqaddas colony, sh. Abdullah town (only boundary wall), sh. Saleem town, shafiq khokar town (only boundary wall), vital homes housing scheme, wapda farm house town phase-i &ii, wapda finance farm houses, wapda finance officers housing society, subhan gardens housing scheme, anwar town, roshan town, faisal town, walk land, akhtarabad housing scheme, johar villas , islam park, rehman park, ali homes, hajveri town housing scheme, madina town housing scheme, sher shah colony housing scheme, shalimar town housing scheme, mehboob garden housing scheme, tayyab town housing scheme, sheraz town housing scheme, koh-e- noor housing scheme and al- hijaz cooperative housing society.

Meanwhile, dco noorul amin mengal declared 50 unauthorized housing schemes in the jurisdiction of city district government as illegal and asked the citizens not to sale and purchase in these unauthorised housing schemes.

The housing schemes which have been declared as illegal include rizwan garden near canal, aziz garden, abdullah garden, lahore medical housing scheme phase 1, lahore medical housing scheme phase 2, lahore medical housing scheme phase 3, al rehman garden, al ahmad garden, ali alam garden housing scheme, al rehman garden main gt road, ashraf garden umar khan road, khaiber town housing scheme, tayab garden, hanif garden, ata town gt road, al majeed garden, tufail garden, malik g garden, al karam garden, gairizen garden, pzce wood land scheme, canal fort 2, rehman garden, amna park, al hafiz town, kaberia town, rana town, saif town, sarver town, sultan town, tahir town, waris colony, kazi town, mehboob town, rasool park, taj bag, hajweri town, new canal park, aamir town, canal point scheme, canal bank scheme, nazeer garden, gairizen scheme, mian ameer ud din scheme, new shalimar housing scheme, mehar fiaz colony, doctor society, al hamd town, habib park and jamil town.

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    Zeeshan Mali..
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    Do you have any update regarding Elite Town Phase I............ Are they applying for LDA NOC or not?
      1372 days ago 

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