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Syed Ibrhaim
( 1436 posts )

[59 Replies]
Islamabad property is again stable now lets see for how much time specially those sectors which are a little expensive according to some senior dealers of MPCHS B-17 is slow now and there is price decline in B 17, in B block Kanal plots are available in 8 million however 2 months ago price was around 9 million.

In JKCHS F-15 and G-15 is also slow specially Kanal and 2 Kanal plots. Even in F-15 prices came down a little around 4 to 7 lac.

G-13, G-14, D-12 is also stable now sale purchase is slow.
Last but not least Bahria market is slow clear change in Phase 8 prices. Also we know about Enclave 2.

    1961 days ago In Real Estate Trends
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    (642 posts)
    Thankyou Saadi sb for that clarification.

    @Pk1. Pakistan paid a major installment of $ 147 million to IMF this week, but the Rupee has strengthened to 104.8 in the interbank market. The iron grip is getting stronger!
      1955 days ago 

      (3019 posts)
      Amjad sahab this is good news. May Allah strengthen the grip even further and may we also grip His Book and the teachings of His Prophet (salAllahu Alaihi WA Aalihi wasallam) to take our country to great heights.
        1955 days ago 

        (776 posts)
        IA once law and order situation gets better a lot of foreign investment will flow. Overseas Pakistanis are haunted with all the negative news on tv
          1953 days ago 

          (1157 posts)
          Thanks Ibrahim for the update.

          And very good input from Syed Amjad, I like the talk with numbers in it :)

          My view is prices have to be stabilized/corrected to keep them feasible for trading. If everything goes into multiple of millions, naturally the number of buyers/sellers will diminish.

          To me its a healthy sign that prices are retracting to genuine levels.
            1951 days ago 

            (1157 posts)
            And the property market is fast evolving with diverse options esp with the launch of BTK, it has eased the pressure on lhr isb market.

            I think bahria will remain a major trend setter outside fiscal initiatives with their upcoming projects in Peshawar and interior Sindh. Again, very good and healthy effect will be observed on the market.
              1951 days ago 

              (344 posts)
              Any latest update or market is still slow.
                1943 days ago 

                (15 posts)
                According to my knowledge, bahria town islamabad prices will increase after some time.
                  1590 days ago 

                  Waseem Ahmed
                  (13 posts)
                  Prices of Bahria town islamabad will increase after some time also prices of other properties will go high.
                    1582 days ago 

                    (1346 posts)
                    Ejaz, market is indeed slow, there are no new housing demands, no new investments or new mega projects to kick the market. After correction last year, prices of most of properties have stabilized. However, places where construction activity is high is recording significant increase, including: G-13, G-14, G-15, and DHA-II.
                      1577 days ago 

                      (532 posts)
                      Guys.. Ejaz asked about the market about 366 days ago...
                        1577 days ago 

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