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( 3 posts )

[11 Replies]
Can anyone tell when asf plot balloting will be done
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    1101 days ago In Property Updates
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    Prop Guide
    (6961 posts)
      1101 days ago 

      Mohammad isl..
      (1 post)
      Janauary ky first weak mi plot ki qurandazi hona tha, sir lakin abhi tak koi announce nhi hoa kya masla hai????
        1008 days ago 

        (1 post)
        When asf plot balloting start

        You said that balloting start in December
          999 days ago 

          (3 posts)
          Waht are ongoing prices of ASF flats
            998 days ago 

            Uzair ur rah..
            (1 post)
            When plots balloting will be?
              977 days ago 

              Sher Muhamma..
              (1 post)
              Balloting of asf done on 31/03/2017. In out of 40000 applicants. 90% were successful
                932 days ago 

                (5 posts)
                ASF Foundation in their facebook page comments says that 70% applicants are successful.

                However, discussing the results with others, it seems highly probable that the successful percentage would be higher as most (almost all) of the applicants have got the plot.
                  932 days ago 

                  Muhammad Ily..
                  (134 posts)
                  That's scary. If everyone gets a plot, secondary market would crash as majority would go on selling.
                    932 days ago 

                    Raza ALI abb..
                    (1 post)
                    ASF plot balloting results
                      932 days ago 

                      Azhar ul has..
                      (1 post)
                      Can somebody inform about the web link, where I can find the result of the balloting held on 31 march 2017.
                        930 days ago 

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