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There are some people who get incredibly wealthy through stocks and some other people who do not. For the people who don’t succeed, is it that stocks don’t work or that the people using them don’t all possess the right knowledge and skills?

It’s funny because every man is a “self made man,” it’s just only the rich who admit to it. The wealthy are what they are because they have applied knowledge that works. Studies repeatedly conclude that over 90% of wealthy individuals have become wealthy through real estate. Does it really work? It works better than any other system of business to produce wealth with the right knowledge and skills.

    2796 days ago In Real Estate Trends
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    Gated Commun..
    (78 posts)
    Making money through real estate or the stock market is all about speculation. What that means is that for the few people who do make alot of money, many other people loose out. In pakistan the recent stock market rise is all about timing. They are no economic reasons for why the karachi stock exchange has suddenly risen.

    Same with property, timing is everything.

    However, when you adjust property values for inflation, devaluation against the us dollar etc, it isnt as attractive as an investment.

    The "real" money is being the person who buys and sells property, estate and property agents.

    As they say, dont put your eggs in one basket. Hold some foreign exchange, buy some gold, buy some land, and in the long run aim to protect the real value of your holding. Dont be greedy.
      2795 days ago 

      Prop Guide
      (6959 posts)
      I think it all depends upon your luck, if allah has written wealth in your qismat then you will do get that through any means either stock market, realestate, business, etc.

      But effort and sincerity is must for that.
        2782 days ago 

        Syed Ibrhaim
        (1435 posts)
        Dear ihsan
        Luck counts in every field of life not only property plus ur right decisions. Working on projects, awareness counts too.
        If u r not aware of market and u dont have trustworthy contacts in real estate market then money making is the most difficult thing in real estate
          2782 days ago 

          Prop Guide
          (6959 posts)
          Dear ibrahim sb,

          I agree with you on this topic. I was of the same view. Thats why i have mentioned coordinated effort with purpose and devotion.

            2781 days ago 

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