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Imran Khan
( 5 posts )

[8 Replies]
I heard the dust and noise caused by rapid blasting in limestone mines in Margalla Hills near b-17 as major issue to start thinking on building house over there. Does this is only effecting the block a or ranges through out the society? How true the stories of end of limestone extraction as per the supreme court decision?

    2887 days ago In Real Estate Trends
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    Habib ur Reh..
    (9 posts)
    I have the same concern... Do not know when this will finish..
      2879 days ago 

      Imran Khan
      (5 posts)
      Seems this is not ending up immediately. The effect of this dust ranges through Taxila City where if you have been for a number of days then you would have experience uncomfortable breathing and whiteness on dark colour clothes. Based on this fact, if this blasting and extraction from surrounding hills doesn't come to end than would have been bitter experience of living in B-17.
        2878 days ago 

        Aleem Malik
        (17 posts)
        Yes this very serious issue in b17. Few days back i went there and asked same question to a state agent.He said at the end of 2013 all machinery will be moved out of this place. I dn know the truth but i think multi must have taken some serious steps to finish this disturbance.
          2842 days ago 

          (128 posts)
          What about e-16 (cabinet division) i heard from some one that same problem is with e-16 as well, is it true?
            2840 days ago 

            (2512 posts)
            It will end soon.
              2765 days ago 

              (158 posts)
              It will not end soon. It may not end at all.
              The owners of limestone crushing and extraction companies are big
              Guns. They have their strong influences over politicians and judges and all.
              Do u really think now that it will end soon
                2765 days ago 

                (24 posts)
                Yes it will be end soon in 2013 i have talked to the owners of society they said after few months it will be finished they told me the new airport construction is going fast and b-17 will be the best society as compare to others in future they told me development of d and e block is going very fast and the possession will be given 2014 and plz dont believe in rumors and dont believe those peoples who dont have any plots but they are free to give useless comments, misguiding others so lets hope for better inshallah everything will be fine after new governement
                  2763 days ago 

                  (6 posts)
                  Nothing has been done in D block..E block development is very slow..I really doubt the 2014 deadline..may go untill2016 or so..The dust problem is severe for A block and will not end soon..
                    2605 days ago 

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