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[11 Replies]
Eden Housing is a notorious group for doing multi-scams worth hundreds of billion rupees in Lahore but have done it fearlessly and have the courage of doing it consistently due to their alleged strong relationship with the most influential of the current government in Punjab.

There is a government in Punjab of a political party for last 6 years which has given a deaf ear to the cries of common people / middle class majority of which are their voters and who have lost their hard-earned money to this fraudulent housing company. Eden Housing have looted hundreds of billion rupees from people in down-payments, installments, development charges etc. For Eden Lands, Eden Meadows, Eden Place, Eden City, Eden Lane Villas, Eden Residencia 1 & 2 but zero progress at many of these in the last 5+ years.

Currently work has been stopped / not started at all of these schemes for last 3 years. Even maps have not been approved by LDA, or provided to the ill-fated buyers.

Now they have come up with another housing scheme in Sargodha with the name of Eden Life with highlighting fake success stories of this company in Lahore. They have changed their company from Eden Housing Developers to Eden Builders Pvt. Ltd. They have new website and telephone numbers advertised on print and electronic media. They have removed land development schemes like Eden Lands, Eden Residencia from their old but operative website Its time for Sargodha people to loose their hard-earned money. Let us see what new methods would be employed by Khadim-e-Aala to facilitate Eden Housing finish this new scam successfully.

But we the common people should spread this info as much as possible to save our country men from getting looted. Social media is the only place where we have some cushion to express our opinion. Otherwise majority of print/electronic media is influenced by money. On the other hand, a website maintained by Eden affectees action committee providing details of the fraudulent acts of Eden Housing has been hacked by this group. So is there anyone in the government to listen to the cries of people?

    2556 days ago In News
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    (131 posts)
    Thanks for the warning bro.
      2553 days ago 

      Hamza Asif
      (829 posts)
      It is good to know from you that it also happens. That`s really a big fraud and you have to be careful next time from these frauds next time. Thanks for informing us.
        2552 days ago 

        (1 post)
        Eden group is bunch of liars who have looted the money from poor people. Never ever invest in any of the project launched by eden group.
          2532 days ago 

          (1346 posts)
          It is strange that in this country you can do nothing if a land scam deprives people of their hard earned money. At least people should unite to make one voice against these fraud groups.bThere are some Facebook pages run by Eden Affecties but their like are not much as compared to the number of people affected, this shows how little communication is between affected people.
            2532 days ago 

            Imran Bashir
            (30 posts)
            Great information thanks imran bashir 0321-4193689
              2532 days ago 

              (4 posts)
              Dear All,

              Please like this discussion as much as possible. The information given is quite authentic. It is requested that the same discussion should be shared on all other forums of social media so that it could reach every Pakistani. Regards.
                2531 days ago 

                (32 posts)
                Dear All,

                Please be informed that one my nearest invested in Eden Housing and still possession is awaited since years ???
                  2414 days ago 

                  Ahmed Saleem
                  (92 posts)
                  All the fault is that everyone want to purchase plot in Bahria Town Instead of other societies. People thinking that if we purchase a plot in Bahria Town after sometime I will sale this plot in profit.But there is huge investors in bahria town who changing the rates of plots and house. I have purchase some plots in Airport Housing Societies and now many people are purchasing plots from me.This society is much better than other societies. And this society gave more profit from I have only 4 plots and 3 houses left.So anyone who want to purchase please call me on 03315119895 or 03447124210.First you visit the society by your own after that take your decision
                    2411 days ago 

                    Ahmed Saleem
                    (92 posts)
                    I also have a plot in Airport Housing Society which is on installments that is 6 marla and it is situated on height.

                    Is anyone is interested then call me 03315119895
                      2410 days ago 

                      (1 post)
                      Airport Housing Society Plot in in installment is require

                      1 Kanal
                        2063 days ago 

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