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Khurshid Ali
( 2 posts )

[12 Replies]
What will the future hold for Karachi property market? Is there any light at the end of the tunnel in terms of rise in the prices of Karachi property in the near future?

I would highly appreciate if all the respected members particularly those dealing in Karachi properties could kindly advise.

    2186 days ago In Real Estate Trends
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    (4 posts)
    In karachi oveall, prices in city is upward diraction now but out of city its not quit gud except dha city 9, like pechs, gulsahn, johar, dha, etc is increasing, its has a good future overall, if you let me know specific are of karachi to which you want to know i will inshala let you know in details,
      2184 days ago 

      Real Estate ..
      (1046 posts)
      Bro read the following post. It would provide you an insight into the real estate markets of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

      An insight into the real estate sectors of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad

      z@in N@deem
        2184 days ago 

        (768 posts)
        If the law and order situation improves then Karachi should continue to do well, however there is no major developments there except DHA, which is beyond the limits of most people. Bahria has announced plans to start a project but it could take several years before anything comes out of it. We need to see more good quality housing schemes in Karachi.
          2155 days ago 

          Ali Chughtai
          (18 posts)
          Future and property potentials of Karachi is very much dependent upon the operation going on these days for maitaining peace and enchaning criminals and target killers.
          Karachi is the city with greatest returns only if there is peace and order otherwise there has already been so much flow of water under the bridges.
          So much investment has poured to Punjab from Karachi in last two years or so.
          I hope and pray this economical hub of Pakistan get restored in coming days.
            2153 days ago 

            (69 posts)
            Karachi is the land of opportunity and a growing market for Real Estate. Right now there are several mega projects going on which will change the picture of This Mega City. Very Big name with Well reputed background have jumped into this pool of Karachi Development.
              1731 days ago 

              (15 posts)
              Prices of properties are growing rapidly in Karachi. Moreover, it will increase more in future that's why most of the people are preferring to live in flats or apartments.
                1731 days ago 

                Irfan Nathan..
                (1 post)
                Dear all.

                As we know that Bahria town Karachi started a numbers of project in Karachi which make a boom in real estate market of Karachi,due to which mostly of the people are investing in real estate,people are saying that law and order situation is affecting it but it not hundred percent true if we take a glance on real estate sector of Karachi numbers of new project are under construction,like BTK,DHA city,and others small project.So i think law and order situation not affecting to much as all of the participant on forum are discussing on it.
                  1730 days ago 

                  (3 posts)
                  Future of Karachi real estate market is going on boom due to bahria town projects,people are investing in different projects of bahria.first time in the real estate market bahria has started a huge project in Karachi,which make investment opportunity for the people of Karachi and for all who want to invest in real estate market.
                    1730 days ago 

                    (3 posts)
                    L think bahria will develop larger plots first for marketing purpose and smaller plots holders need to wait longer for possession. ....same strategy implemented in BE.
                      1730 days ago 

                      (11 posts)
                      Future of Karachi Properties is very good actually , Property Prices mostly always increase , Because of Bahria,DHA City And Ph-8 , Property Prices are rising and that shows Property value in Karachi
                        1729 days ago 

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