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Mubarak Ahma..
( 2 posts )

[8 Replies]
Dear all who know anything about this project. I had booked a plot in this project. What would be the future of this project. If anybody know about it, please let me know by email.


Mubarak, Khi.

    2199 days ago In News
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    (18 posts)
    Where is it?
      2195 days ago 

      Muhammad imr..
      (408 posts)
      The project was launched in 2005. I bought one file in 2005 for 125,000 and sold for 10,000 only in 2009. This is a flop project by capital builders. They took noc for 800 kanal and booked thousands of plots. What you had booked is a total loss. Noc is also cancelled by cda.
        2195 days ago 

        (2512 posts)
        Where it is located ?
        Have heard it for the 1st time,
        plus, we don't have your e-mail id, if you can please share it here, if anyone of us has any news regarding your query, will respond.
          2193 days ago 

          (776 posts)
          According to CDA, NOC was Cancelled on 13-06-2007 due to failure to comply with the conditions associated with the approval of Layout Plan.

          When did you purchase the plot?
            2193 days ago 

            Mubarak Ahma..
            (2 posts)
            AOA. I had bought plot in 2006 and paid 2 instalments of Rs 2,50,000.00.


              2192 days ago 

              Muhammad imr..
              (408 posts)
              In 2005 there was a lot of sale purchase in C 17 files but rate came down from 90k to 30k. Now no sale purchase what you have deposited is a total loss
                2192 days ago 

                (76 posts)
                I got two plots for the same amount in 2005 but it is a total fraud by capital builders now the owner is under the custody of NAB and they are asking for the file owners to file their case at NAB against Capital builders and get their money back.

                So hurry before it is also lost.................
                  2149 days ago 

                  (1 post)
                  NAB recovered money from accused so if someone want recovery from them i think we need to contact with NAB as i also got few files with me i purchased from open Market in 2005.
                    1189 days ago 

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