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Khalid Javai..
( 929 posts )

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From last many days,heard/seen so many views/discussions on different forums on this issue.Everyone has its own interpretation which secures his own interests,no one knows that how the market will respond after the implication of this law in the present corrupt system of our country,rather this law make the revenue or it become the cause of slump in real estate market.
In my assessment(it maybe wrong) after creating some days hype & making it a hot issue for pakistani economy on media in talk shows,headlines in print media,unfruitful social media talks,maybe it will taken back or postponed by the govt.
So don't be panic there is nothing happen immediately,real estate market will took some time to observe this situation then will react in positive or in negative direction.
Those who are creating rumors in different ways & on different forums are the opportunist who are trying to make money from the fear of innocent peoples who are not able to hold their investments & ready for selling in this uncertain situation.
Some innocent people will defiantly become the victims of this situation/law,some sharp players those have the ability of sticky talk would be the beneficial of this situation.

Ia there will be no slump or prices downfall after this law if it remain in exercise,please ignore all rumors and keep in touch with the market.

    1235 days ago In News
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