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Iftikhar Ahm..
( 27 posts )

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Resolvers and executors of dimensional affairs in pakistan:

Redap is a consultancy business to help business and individuals in this corrupt infrastructure. Our team is based upon retired beaurocrates ,all parties political members and professional businessmen.

Our mission is simple, we want to help people living life stress free from all kinds of worry and troubles..

What we handle:

Property issues
Housing scheme issues
Electricity,gas, water issues
Corporate industrial issues
Banking/finance issues
Educational institution issues
Health/pharma issues
Civil/crime issues
Bribery issues
Licensing issues
Legal issues (any kind)

We are "government authorized" consultancy firm plz contact us for any of your queries

    1337 days ago In News
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    Abdul Monem
    (1 post)
    My name is Abdul Monem and I am living a retired life for the past two years. By profession l am an Electrcal Engineer and has worked abroad for 35 years on mega projects pertaining to infrastructure development, operation and maintenance. I would like to work, share my knowledge and be a part of the team to contribute in the development of Pakistan.

    While reviewing your vision and objectives, l feel this is the right kind of platform to involve myself, where I can utilize my vast experience and capabilities to guide the Managements of various Goverment departments and organizations in order to achieve the International standards.

    Kindly let me know if anyone is interested in my profile

    Abdul Monem
      1114 days ago 

      Fatima Shah
      (2 posts)
      What is your contact information?
        921 days ago 

        Fatima Shah
        (2 posts)
        What is your contact informations
          921 days ago 

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