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[6 Replies]
Its an old post from Mar 2013

Lahore development authority (LDA) on Saturday approved the construction of two roads in the city at a total cost of rs 107.76 million. According to details LDA approved the construction of road from Gulshan-e-ravi to band road, along the cantt drain at a cost of rs 60 million besides giving a go-ahead for the construction of a new link road from bhogiwal road to china road, gujjerpura at a cost of rs 47.76 million. Inp

These decisions were taken in the governing body meeting of lda which was chaired by district co-ordination officer (dco) and lda chairman noor-ul-amin mengal.

The meeting decided that the town planning wing of the lda would exercise building control over existing structures. Furthermore, the lda would undertake new constructions in 153 declared and transferred katchi abadis of the provincial metropolis.

The meeting allowed wasa to execute project for laying a water supply system including installation of a tubewell and an over-head reservoir at finance and trade centre in johar town at a cost of rs 180 million whereas provision of a sewerage system was also approved at a cost of rs 71 million.

The meeting also approved, in principal, strengthening of directorate of computer services. However, the demand for new professionals would be rationalised in consultation with punjab information technology board.

    2245 days ago In News
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    Real Estate ..
    (1046 posts)
    Thanks for sharing MBA.

    I hope LDA would complete the projects in allotted time, because its an organization of lazy chaps.

    z@in N@deem
      2244 days ago 

      (54 posts)
      Lda stands for Lazy development authroity
      But after shabaz
      i hope it will perform better
        2238 days ago 

        (1157 posts)
        The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has started construction of a new dual carriage link road from LOS Ferozepur Road to Multan Road ending near Samanabad Morde to reduce travelling to Motorway M-2 and Ring Road with an estimated cost of Rs 1846 million.

        The contract of road construction has been granted through open tender to a private construction company while LDA and National Engineering Services of Pakistan (NESPAK) will supervise the project.

        Under the project, the existing more than four kilometres long road alongside the Samanabad Nullah to Gulshan e Ravi would be rehabilitated and widened upto 60 feet consisting three lane from each side. The construction of the road would be completed within next six months and it would help easing the traffic flow of more than 50,000 vehicles daily besides reducing travelling time from Ferozepur Road to Motorway M-2 Babu Sabu Interchange.

        In the first phase of the project, LDA has demolished illegal construction from the LOS side of the road while from Multan Road, Poonch House Colony, where dozens of illegal houses had been constructed, LDA will launch operation during the current month.

        LDA Chief Engineer Israr Saeed commenting on the project said that operation against encroachments would be launched soon and the road construction would be completed within the stipulated time frame.

        He said that all concerned government departments including Sui Gas, WASA, LESCO and telephone started shifting their infrastructure from the site after which road construction would be started.
          2234 days ago 

          (1157 posts)
          Lahore Ring Road

          ahore Ring Road Authority intend to construct a 30km long southern loop starting from Sui Gas Society ending at Multan Road Interchange on a public private partnership basis through a built, lease and transfer (BLT) for a periof of 17 years including two years of construction.

          The Authority intends to hire the services of an independent engineer for a period of two-and-half years including six months of commercial operation. It invites expressions of interest from experienced consultancy firms and joint ventures.

          Scope of works for the independent engineer includes review, monitor and supervise the entire construction of the project/project facilities on a full time basis, in particular to ensure that the construction works and the O&M obligations are met.

          Furthermore, the independent engineer shall also ensure that the concessionaire coordinates with any other agency that has to carry out any work on the project/project facilities including any public utilities, emergency services, traffic police etc during the concession period
            2234 days ago 

            (96 posts)
            No update yet on Southern loop of lahore ring road yet!!
              1710 days ago 

              (1157 posts)
              I am not quite updated on that at the moment. Lately there was a protest from the civil society on cuttin of trees for road expansion. I am not sure if it will go ahead soon or at all!!!
                1710 days ago 

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