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Justchill sw..
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You always search for good tenants but you don’t know who is a good one or bad one. How will you find out as they don’t look different or don’t roam with a tag of “bad tenant” so how will you know whom to keep as tenant? Well of course it needs research. You have to do a lot of things for having a good tenant. You can follow the below listed tips for this:
1. you must visit the tenant’s current location where they are staying for getting an idea how they will stay in your property. You can give a surprise visit over there for finding a better result what kind of a person they are or how they maintain their rental property so you will know how they will stay in your property.

2. before selecting as tenant ask for a rental guarantor. A rental guarantor is a person who takes the responsibility of rent paying if the tenant fails to pay the rent. But make sure that you would accept only a guarantor who is full time employed or a home owner in the same city.

3. if your tenant is an employee then do must check his/her employment history from the employer how long they have been in the company and how is his/her behavior etc.

4. if you still have any doubts or wanna have some information the best way to rid off your tensions to consult the previous landlord whom you are selecting as your tenant. You can get the best information from their like how they were as tenants at their property.

5. ask to see their passport and bank statements or pay slip so that you will check their identities and able to know their income status which will give an idea that whether the tenant can afford the rent amount or not.

6. sometimes many tenants behave very normal in front of you and agrees all the things you wanted from them this makes you to go against your instinct which is not good for you if you find any tenant who is agrees in all the aspects have a doubt and do instinct work.

Well these are some tips for you to avoid a bad tenant. As you can see you have to do a lot of works and it definitely needs your time and money. If you want to do all this work done and you don’t have to do even a single work then you should hire baltimore property management company or other area property managers who will do hard works on behalf of you.

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    1667 days ago In Estate Agents (Renting)
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    Shah Muqeem
    (142 posts)
    The process that you have shared is very appropriate. I like it much. Many people face such issues every month.
      1667 days ago 

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