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Hasham Naqvi
( 96 posts )

[2 Replies]
I have a friend whose employer transferred him to the islamabad vicinity. However, he has heard a lot about the water issues plaguing islamabad and rawalpindi, and is very concerned about it. He has to move from lahore, and rent a place in islamabad or rawalpindi.

Can you folks guide him about which areas would be safer to rent a house in, especially given the water shortage issues in the twin cities?

    279 days ago In Where to Rent
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    (8 posts)
    Yes, twin cities has water issues at many places still he can find locations free of this headache. Depends on which location suits him more for commute, kids education and his budget.

    Anyways, without knowing that, option to rent house, portion, flat in bahria town and DHAs. Also, margalla town Isb for a middle class person have their own tube well system and doesnt have water issues.

    Then, at many localities, water from bore is available and that has to be seen after visiting the house.
      279 days ago 

      Hasham Naqvi
      (96 posts)
      Thank you for your suggestions Mustafa. My friend is looking for a residential accommodation near Centaurus – will Margalla Town be convenient for commute? It sounds like a good option, given his budget. He is single, so schools are not an issue.
        277 days ago 

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