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Samra Zulfiq..
( 484 posts )

[11 Replies]
Dear all,

I have heard that construction work at roads, boulevards and bridge has resumed at different sites in dha valley. Also, the possession will be offered in 2016:

Update On DHA Valley

Do you have an update on it?

    1884 days ago In When to Sell
    Post Answer
    (345 posts)
    Its a useful blog with good information. However, I feel that these blogs written by members of team will be even more useful, and I guess it is fair to expect, if they also include the version of the management of the relevant society. Ordinary investors do not always get access to top management. However, representatives from the leading real estate website should be able to approach them for an official version.

    Overall good effort though.
      1884 days ago 

      (900 posts)
      I think new discussion should be started on at least credible information not on just "---heard---" . All people as i read discussions on this forum says " it will take next 10 years"
        1882 days ago 

        (288 posts)
        I went to DHA valley last Sunday. Apparently a new access road is being constructed from Kallar Sayedan. It is approximately 8 km from Rawa.The work on original road i.e DHA expressway is stalled for years and probably will take many more years due to terrain difficulty. Few dozen DHA Homes are ready and nothing can be seen on ground with respect to residential Plots. Machinery is not adequate to fulfil the task in hand by 2016.

        I was told by officials there that pressure is coming from Army lower ranks for possession as many Shuhuda plots are also there.Probably they will get possession by that time.

        All in all situation on ground is not encouraging for ordinary allotees
          1882 days ago 

          Kashif Sheik..
          (604 posts)
          There is not much happening in DHA valley at the moment. You will probably find more activity going on in Phase 2 N block. DHA homes present picture of ghost town. I am not sure what they are thinking about possession but I don't see it becoming livable for the next 5 years.
            1882 days ago 

            Sohail Zafar
            (240 posts)
            Comments mentioned by Mr. Raza are very usefull that should approach DHA valley mgmt to get an official version of this project instead of making ppl run behind "Truck ki Batti"
              1879 days ago 

              Haroon Khan
              (31 posts)
              That is indeed a good suggestion to use zameen website as a platform to approach and bring dha valley management response to its customers. I am all for this!!
                1879 days ago 

                (30 posts)
                How cmuch can i get for my plot 5 marla corner(bluebell)
                  1877 days ago 

                  Mr. Orakzai
                  (91 posts)
                  In my opinion selling your plot right now is not a good idea at all
                    1877 days ago 

                    (273 posts)
                    As per Dha valley officials overseas blocks are ready but due to no utilities at present like electricity,Gas posession is impossible.

                    As per them Punjab and federal govt is creating problems for them at different phases.
                      1846 days ago 

                      (5 posts)
                      I have very attractive investment plans for you. We offering plots in D-12,G-16, B-18, I-12, DHA velley and Bahria town. If anyone want to know detail please call me at 03015100965
                        1819 days ago 

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