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Dilemma: if you wait for a good time to sell, then what will you do with the money because it will then be a bad time to buy!

How then to strike the Optimal timing?

This topic is up for discussion!

    1713 days ago In When to Sell
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    Yes but bad time to buy ,will be a good time to build(house etc)
      1713 days ago 

      (160 posts)
      What if market rise in societies turn by turn, then you can sell in one place and buy in another before it rises. Dont property dealers do this thing too?
        1713 days ago 

        (828 posts)
        Sell in goid time and buy in bad time , keep doing it so u cam bear household expensives , sell in good time to sell and meet ur expenses and wait forgood time to buy , but do fear , things can go wrong too . Dont dream of life change if u dnt have 10 million to invest
          1712 days ago 

          (1159 posts)
          ZG i agree with you sell in a society on the rise and buy in a society expecting the rise
            1678 days ago 

            (8 posts)
            If you want to invest for long term then every time is the right time. But if you want to earn something in short span of time then buy in developing societies & to main road.
              1678 days ago 

              Khalid Javai..
              (869 posts)
              Dear Frndz,

              There is no bad or good time.That are human errors & we called it bad time.When we done correct we called its a good time.
                1678 days ago 

                (69 posts)
                Good time and bad time both are there bad time to sell usually start of the year When ever the market is slow its best time to Buy and when the market is High its best to to Build or sell
                  1676 days ago 

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