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A very nice blog post on Prism by Samra Zulfiqar of Zameen should not be missed

Also older but very important DHA Lahore phase 9 Prism updates can also be seen here on

Prism DHA Lahore Phase 9 block wise prices update.

A 78 to 125

B 65 to 90

C 58 to 120

C 48 to 60 (10 marla )

D 55 to 115

E 55 to 100

F 58 to 110

F 46 to 58 ( 10 marla )

G 72 to 92

H 57 to 97

J 341to 45(10 marla)

J 21 to 30 ( 5 marla )

K 58 to 85 1 kanal

K 39 to 52 (10 marla)

K 23 to 32 (5 marla)

L 55 to 105

L 38 to 52 (10 marla

L 22 to 27(5 marla)

M 52 to 90

N 52to 90

P 53 to 115

Q 63 to 112

R 62 to 75

R 46 to 60 (10 marla)

R 28 to 40 (5 marla)

Prism commercial prices update

Civic zone 1

8 marla : 450 to 650 lacs

4 marla : 290 to 335 lacs

Civic zone 2

8 marla : 425 to 475 lacs

4 marla : 265 to 300 lacs

Civic zone 3

8 marla : 400 to 500 lacs

4 marla : 210to 250 lacs

Oval complex (4 -marla)

Inner side : 315 to 340 lacs

Outer side : 275 to 290 lacs

Your friend

Choudry Mujahid Yasin (CMY)

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    1852 days ago In Market Prices
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    (765 posts)
    Massive difference between low and high price for each block which makes posting prices worthless.

    I am suspicious when agents try to create hype in a development in order to sell plots.
      1852 days ago 

      (252 posts)
      Arshad sahib each phase or scheme have such ranges. Its market rate. They have no value for you but very important for holder of plots. If a boundary plot in M seller can get only 52 lacs or even less if in very hurry. But at same time today a seller sold C block main road at 120 lacs too. So I just cant say rate is only 52 or 120 lacs for kanal plots in Prism.I have to give trade able actual current ranges to inform buyers and sellers.

      I can sell you one kanal plot in Prism at 52 or 125 lacs That is actual market price on can buy or sell

      A person can always ask me value of individual plot values of their plots .

      Arshad bhai I am an agent and I recently said here development staring will make no difference now in short term as gains for this news of development to be started are already well priced in BLOCKS A B C D P Q R AS THEY ALREADY GAINED TOO MUCH TOO FAST AND COULD LOSE FEW LACS IN VERY SHORT TERM NOW BEFORE FURTHER RISE. I BELIEVE TO BE SAFE H G E ANY PLOTS AND K L M N LARGE ROADS FACING PARKS AND CORNERS SHOULD BE BOUGHT NOW AS THEY HAVE ROOM TO RISE NOW. You must have missed my post. Please read my point of view in above links I posted when have free time.

      Only reason I can think of is possibly that old Prism updates thread got blocked was my difference of opinion on your this point on development starting price impact on certain blocks.
        1852 days ago 

        (84 posts)
        Phase 9 is gaining quickly ..... I think the cool off period for phase 9 will start soon where the property will remain stagnant for a while.
          1852 days ago 

          (765 posts)
          There is no rational reason why 2 same sized plots close to each other in the same block would sell at different prices i.e one for 58 and another for 120 or one at 48% of the value of the other irrespective of the location.

          Usually when wide prices are quoted agents want to cover themselves and usually will not have a plot at the cheaper price but will be happy to buy it from you by telling you that your location is not good. In fact the lower priced plot will probably gain more than the higher priced plot. I which I was in Pakistan so that I could test out the market.
            1852 days ago 

            (252 posts)
            Arshad sahib I have no time to go through your past posts but I do see good number of posts under your ID but I think you actually need to buy some property first to actually know how things works in real estate investing. You just cant fix or buy a property on Bata rate sir. Most important thing in real estate investing is location. And each location has its own value and you are unable to understand this first and basic point. I will try to explain.

            In on single row of 10 plots on any given street in any DHA Phase have difrent values and that price difference could be even in millions in just 10 plots due to many factors like facing commercial corner facing park or shape or access or distance from overhead tank or close or far from school etc. It dont matter what you or me think. You and me could be wrong but 1000s people buying selling property for years based on these important factors can't be wrong. Location location location is what matters most.

            Now about dealers I don't know what type of dealers have had interactions in past if any. But at Lahore Real Estate all ads we post online since past 13 years have a plot number and price clearly mentioned in it. We don't like give ads to with just an impossible low price range to just attract buyers or post for sale ads with millions higher demand than market hoping some ill-informed guy on plant earth will get trapped. Since each of over ad have price and plot number if price is low no seller will come to us in future looking at we cant sell his plot and if we post million higher than market rate buyer can compare price for any of 15000 Dealers on Zeemen and Web and will think we are choor Estate. For over a decade we have forced compition to deal fairly by posting demand prices with plot numbers.I am proud I single handedly saved billions to buyers sellers in market because when dealers give high price to any client that client tells his dealer Lahore Real is giving this this and that plot number at this price why you are trying to rob me :).

            Now your last point. Your theory of cheap plots will gain more than high priced prices is completely wrong too. I will prove ot to you. After Prism ballot A block was highest priced with best plots were on highest price of 75 lacs and K block was lowest priced due to comfort factory its best plots were at max 65 lacs even larger roads. Today A block high price is 125 and if corner on large road could be even high and K block still max 85 Lacs. Do the math to see if high priced plots gained more or the low priced :)

            Now since I see you love to get into all threads discussions I will ask for your forgiveness in advance as I may or may not be able to answer all you points in future here as I have tons of other tasks pending and no free time on hand to answer each of you r reply. Have a nice day and good luck to each visitor here buying or selling any property any where.


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              1852 days ago 

              (882 posts)
              Agreed with cmy
                1852 days ago 

                (765 posts)
                Just because I disagree with you, it does not mean that I have never bought a plot before. It seems that living in America has made you forget, a couple of weeks ago I even mentioned on this forum that I purchased a plot from you.

                I have yet to come across a street where one plot is half the price of another unless it is a fluke which cannot be relied upon for valuation purposes and are very rare as exceptional circumstances are involved.

                You state that A block in Prism is 125 lacs and K block is at 65 lacs. Please tell me if in 5 or 10 years if A is worth 250 lacs then would K be worth more or less than 130?
                  1851 days ago 

                  (252 posts)
                  Arshad bhai with your 666 posts posts any one including here can easily guess you must have purchased some properties before. Was only a bad joke from a Lahori not an Amreeki :) I should have put a a lot of these smiley faces like this "you actually need to buy some property first :) :) :) "

                  If I didnt like your disagreement I would have just ignored your post instead of writing a long crappy answer to you :) I love you and your disagreement brother :)

                  Guess I was not able to make my point. Lets try again

                  You said lower priced same size plots gains more than high priced plots in same phase. I disagreed and even after explanation you are saying a plot of 125 will double to 250 and plot in K at 65 lacs must double in same time.

                  First you must correct I said K now has 85 lacs price when A has 125 lacs price so it to match A gains it must be 170 lacs and not 130 lacs to break even to A.

                  This may be more easy to understand. Since I am not a magician or fortune teller ( Phir joke hey tenssion nahi lena yaar ) I gave real example of recent past.

                  DHA 9 Prism highest priced block best plot went from 75 after ballot to 125 lacs today. Total gain of 50 lacs.

                  DHS9 Prism lowest priced K block best plot price when from 65 at ballot to 85 lacs today. Total gain of just 20 lacs

                  A and K gain diffidence is 30 lacs with 10 lacs extra investment.

                  With adding just 10 lacs extra amount in A block to buy a better high priced location a smart investor made extra 30 lacs while still invested in same phase same developer. This was the main reason day after day I highly recommended to all Lahore real estate clients to buy plots only best plots in best blocks even when they seem expansive they return a lot better in short or long terms holding. Buying cheap plots get you nothing you end up with low gainers where most investors dont even consider looking at them.

                  This is the reason now after too much too fast rise in A B C D P Q R I said buy any plots in good located but under priced blocks H G E or buy the best plots like main roads coroners facing parks only in lowest priced and weaker blocks like K M L N

                  I hope now you will agree that since in past low priced plots like in block K were not even able to match gain to A block and were big loser in percent wise gains in past since ballot so its likely they will be loser once again when high priced A will double to 250 low priced M will not be able to even match A block gains And K will by selling at lower than 170 lacs.


                  +16308024186 Calls SMS But WhastApp text preferred
                    1851 days ago 

                    (765 posts)
                    I was quickly reading your post on my iphone at the time and noticed a figure of 65 lacs for K block but you are right the figure that the current figure you are quoting is 85 lacs for K block and I apologise for my misunderstanding. But my point remains the same, and I still hold the view that over the longer term the differences of the prices in the blocks will not be significant as the area gets occupied.

                    You have stated that A block went from 75 lacs to 125 lacs i.e it achieved a gain of 67% whereas K block went from 65 to 85 lacs an increase of 31%. Again you are saying that A block will increase by a by a faster rate than K block. In the short term this is possible until A block peaks but in the long term it is not possible as K would catch up as it gets developed and populated. K block may still be cheaper than A block in absolute terms but from an investment point of view should give better returns if you are prepared to hold it long enough. How long it takes for DHA to develop is anybody's guess. The blocks to get developed first would get an advantage which would slowly disappear as other blocks also get developed and populated. We are looking at a timescale of probably a decade at least for this to happen.
                      1851 days ago 

                      (765 posts)
                      In terms of plots DHA Prism is equivalent to DHA 1 to 6 combined. Unless DHA increases its efficiency it may take a long time before we see people living there.
                        1851 days ago 

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