Dolphin Tower & Shopping Center

Dolphin Tower & Shopping Center

Masoom Shah Minar Road , Sukkur
Dolphin Towers
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PKR 30.25 Lakh to 9.78 Crore

Details & Description

  • Zameen ID
  • City
  • Locality
    Masoom Shah Minar Road
  • Price
    PKR 30.25 Lakh to 9.78 Crore
  • Types
    Flats, Shops
  • Developer
    Dolphin Builders
A highly professional team of management and consultants have been engaged in the construction of Dolphin Tower & Shopping Center that endeavours to meet the requirements and expectations of the customers beyond their thoughts. Archvision is a top architect company that is well known for its sound architectural designs and layouts. Archvision has been hired by Dolphin Group of Companies to design the layout of their project Dolphin Tower & Shopping Center. Mushtaq and Bilal associates are the renowned structure engineers that have their name on the back of many successful projects all around Pakistan.

Our Vision:
Our vision is to develop global lifestyles suited to contemporary needs and cater to people from all walks of life with the finest habitats. We have risen on the real estate development to build on dreams, both of commercial and residential nature.

Our Mission:
Our mission statement is to offer value-added residential luxury apartments and premium commercial space that would surpass the expectations of our customers. We also strive to serve our customers in meeting their requirements and work hard to add value to their investment.

Corporate History:
Dolphin Builders & Developers owned by Dolphin Group of Companies has been established since 1994.

Affiliated group businesses/companies are:
  • Sindh TV - (since: 2004) .
  • Sindh TV News - (since: 2009) .
  • Daily Jeejal - (since 2013) .
  • Dolphin Bakers (since 1994).

  • Project Features

    • Main Features
      • Balcony or Terrace: Yes
      • Parking Spaces: Yes
      • Public Parking: Yes
      • Electricity Backup: None
      • Elevator or Lift: Yes
    • Plot Features
      • Sewerage: Yes
      • Water Supply: Yes
      • Sui Gas: Yes
      • Nearby Water Resources: Yes
    • Business and Communication
      • Broadband Internet Access: Yes
    • Community Features
      • First Aid or Medical Centre: Yes
      • Mosque: Yes
    • Nearby Locations and Other Facilities
      • Nearby Schools: Yes
      • Nearby Hospitals: Yes
      • Nearby Shopping Malls: Yes
      • Nearby Restaurants: Yes
      • Nearby Public Transport Service: Yes
    • Other Facilities
      • Security Staff: Yes
      • CCTV Security: Yes
      • Other Facilities: Standby generators
    Property Types
    • Flats (Type A - A1 - A2 - A3)
      • Area: 2,200 Sq. Ft.
      • Price: PKR 1.3 Crore
    • Flats (Type A4)
      • Area: 2,000 Sq. Ft.
      • Price: PKR 1.15 Crore
    • Shops (Front Side - Ground Floor)
      • Area: 360 Sq. Ft. - 2,445 Sq. Ft.
      • Price: PKR 1.44 Crore - 9.78 Crore
    • Shops (Back Side - Ground Floor)
      • Area: 121 Sq. Ft. - 240 Sq. Ft.
      • Price: PKR 33.88 Lakh - 67.2 Lakh
    • Shops (Mezzanine)
      • Area: 121 Sq. Ft. - 359 Sq. Ft.
      • Price: PKR 30.25 Lakh - 89.75 Lakh
    Floor Plans
    3 Bed
    • Type A - 3 Bedrooms Apartment

    • Type A1 - 3 Bedrooms Apartment

    • Type A2 - 3 Bedrooms Apartment

    • Type A3 - 3 Bedrooms Apartment

    • Type A4 - 3 Bedrooms Apartment

    Entire Floor
    • Booking Plan

    • Ground Floor - Floor Plan

    • First Floor - Floor Plan

    • 12TH Floor - Floor Plan

    • 13TH Floor - Floor Plan

    • Typical Floor Plan

    Payment Plan
    • Dolphin Towers


    Dolphin Builders

    Dolphin Group of Companies, as a group stared its business with famous Dolphin Bakers. They expanded their business by launching bakers and mega departmental stores all over Sindh and Balochistan.With an aim to serve the people of Pakistan, Dolphin Group of Companies launched two channels, Sindh TV & Sindh TV News. Now, Dolphin Group of Companies, after gathering a vast experience, has entered the real estate industry of Pakistan. With a promise to offer quality living in very affordable process, Dolphin Group of Companies is about to bring the most luxurious lifestyle in the city of Sukkur. Engaging all the high end construction techniques and setting new quality measures, Dolphin Group of Companies is about to change the way of living in Sindh.

    Dolphin Builders
    CEO Message

    Ajeet K. Ahuja (Chairmain)

    I am proud to report that Dolphin Builders has made significant progress in our very first grand project. Innovation is pivotal to everything we do — exploring the new ideas and solutions has created our success.
    We have started our journey with a commitment - to build quality homes for people, protect their assets for life and exceed their expectations.
    There are basic reasons for our success, they all revolve around a few key factors that are as follows:
    Passionate Commitment
    Impeccable Quality
    Range - wide range of accommodation - cost efficient too!
    Dolphin Builders has been playing a major role in implementing new lifestyle in Sukkur. From our inception, Dolphin Builders strictly follows the aspects like on-time delivery, quality and trust that turned out to be the USP of the brand.
    We know our journey of few years is a very short span in comparison with the vast expanse of history humanity has come through, but the fact remains that the past few years may have been the most significant one when it comes to the progress we have achieved. Even if we consider Sukkur, it was a period that witnessed a plethora of changes, effectuating substantial improvements in the living standards of the state. It is a matter of great pride to us that we are playing a major role in this transformation, by introducing the concept and benefits of community living to Sukkur. The apartments and commercial market place provide ultimate luxury which attracts the investors and residents alike. The Dolphin Builders has earned itself a rich and enviable legacy in Sukkur.
    Becoming the leader home builder of Sukkur was not easy, and without your support and confidence we would not have possibly reached where we are now. Hence, I would like to place on record our hearty gratitude to you for being a friend and patron of Dolphin Builders, and hope you would continue to share the happiness and excitement of our journey together.
    In the course of our journey till now we have explored all possible realms of development across residential, retail and commercial sectors. Needless to say, we excelled in all our endeavours and entrenched ourselves as the desired developer in the minds of diverse target audiences. Our foray into retail is marked by Dolphin Towers in Sukkur. It will be favourite family destinations for shopping, leisure and entertainment in near future.
    At Dolphin Builders I sincerely believe that our company will grow perpetually forever.
    With best wishes,
    Ajeet K. Ahuja

    Ajeet K. Ahuja
    • PKR 30.25 Lakh to 9.78 Crore
    • Property
    • Schools
    • Restaurants
    • Hospitals
    • Parks
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