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5,000 Flats To Be Constructed In Islamabad

August 30, 2012 • news

Minister of State for Housing, Noman Ahmad Langrial, directs Pakistan Housing Authority (PHA) to find land for the construction of 5,000 flats in Islamabad.

The minister issued this direction during a meeting held to discuss the issues of increasing accommodation in the capital. He also inquired about the current number of flats in the federal capital, residential condition, demand of new allottees and the current occupancy rate. After analyzing the situation, he directed PHA officials to find a suitable piece of land to start construction of 5,000 flats.

Special quota will be allocated for government employees as it is the responsibility of government to provide basic facilities to government officials. He further emphasized that the entire process should be transparent and officials must ensure efficiency. He further added that everyone will have to work together to eliminate corruption and nepotism from the system.