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Balochistan govt, WB to launch livelihood project in rural areas

November 8, 2019 • news

Islamabad: The government of Balochistan, with the assistance of the World Bank (WB), is going to launch an entrepreneurship and livelihood project in the rural communities of eight districts within the province, a news source reported. As per the publication, the aim of the project is to create new and better employment opportunities for the locals in the rural areas of the districts that have recorded high poverty rates — these include Chagai, Killa Abdullah, Killa Saifullah, Mastung, Zhob, Nushki Pishin, and Sherani.

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The WB is planning to provide USD 50 million for this uplift scheme during the next month. About USD 32.26 million will be allocated directly to the development of livelihoods and enterprises in northern Balochistan. These funds will be used to support local enterprises, entrepreneurs and individuals to improve job creation, income and profitability.

These funds will specifically be employed in areas with a high population of refugees. Some of the resources will be used to implement a national level project to bring about the required reforms to develop a modern monitoring system for these displaced populations. This will push the federal government to provide these communities with more rights and freedoms.

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The entire project is going to rely heavily on the skills of local technical resources and facilitators who will be implementing it at the local level. It will also employ a multi-tiered and private sector-oriented approach towards implementation. Previously, the provincial government announced plans for an uplift scheme in other districts including Chagai district.