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Beware of fake Fazaia Housing Scheme Sargodha forms!

July 29, 2015 • news

Now that Fazaia Housing Scheme Sargodha has been officially launched and the development work has begun on the project, investors and property dealers have started to make money by trading membership forms in the market.

Amid genuine sellers, there are a few black sheep who are trying to fleece innocent buyers in order to bag returns for the minimal investment possible by selling fake forms that have no record of ever being issued by the developer.

The fake forms look exactly like the original forms, but their serial numbers do not exist in the developer’s database.

Please see images of a fake form below and compare it to the original form if you have one with you. I am sure you will most likely find no difference between the apparent characteristics of the original and the fake forms.

Fazaia Housing Scheme Sargodha

Fake form II

So how can you confirm the legitimacy of the form?

Mr Hassan Sarfraz of Fazaia Housing Scheme tells Zameen.com that the buyers needed to confirm the legitimacy of the forms by calling Fazaia’s UAN, 111-347-348. So please make sure you verify the form’s serial number on this phone number before you even think about purchasing it.


Fazaia has already started development work in the locality, which will most likely span 500 acres and will feature plots of 5 marlas, 10 marlas and 1 kanal.

Currently, ground-levelling work is underway in the society. Please see the images below to get an up-to-date idea of the development work.

IMG-20150729-WA0084 IMG-20150729-WA0085 IMG-20150729-WA0086 IMG-20150729-WA0087 IMG-20150729-WA0088 IMG-20150729-WA0089 IMG-20150729-WA0090 IMG-20150729-WA0091 IMG-20150729-WA0092

That is all about Fazaia Housing Scheme Sargodha for the day. Make sure you confirm the legitimacy of the forms before making any payments. If you have further queries about the locality in mind, please feel free to have a conversation with me in the comments section below, or check out our post on Fazaia Housing Scheme Sargodha FAQs.

Disclaimer: Zameen.com does not vouch for the authenticity of individual sellers of Fazaia Housing Scheme Sargodha forms in the comments section of this blog post and cannot be held responsible for their actions. Please conduct any and all transactions at your own risk. Neither Zameen Media (Pvt) Ltd nor any of its employees can be held responsible in case of losses.