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British buyers 'finding new ways into French property'

September 17, 2008 • news

Britons are still investing in France despite some difficulties in finding the finance at home, it has been stated.

French property specialist firm VEF has said that its conversations with investors at the recent French Property Show in London have revealed a number of ways in which people have been able to adjust their plans.

One has been to abandon plans to sell a UK property to fund a purchase across the channel and instead let it out, taking advantage of the presently strong UK rental market in order to bring in an income that will fund the mortgage repayments on a French investment.

Such buyers will operate this way until the UK market improves enough for them to be able to sell the British property at a good price.

Commenting on property in French rural areas for Nubricks.com, John Moore of the Move Channel has said the best regions to buy in for lifestyle, food and scenery are Provence and Normandy.

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