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CDA allows private housing schemes to build underpasses

February 29, 2016 • news

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has allowed housing societies located along the Islamabad Expressway to build underpasses near their entrances, a news source stated.

Reportedly, these underpasses will be part of the signal-free corridor from Zero Point to Rawat. Yet, permission for their construction is limited to Phase III of the corridor, which extends from Koral Chowk to Rawat.

A senior CDA official said the development of underpasses will be mutually beneficial as the housing societies will get better access from the expressway, while the CDA will save extra expenses.

According to CDA Spokesperson Ramzan Sajid, the permission to build underpasses was given after all legal matters were duly considered and housing societies must get their designs approved by the CDA’s engineering wing.

He added that the CDA would retain control over underpasses because the land to be allocated for these belongs to the authority. He also claimed that the housing societies are voluntarily contributing to the signal-free corridor, because of which this is a ‘positive aspect’.

However, the CDA’s ordinance contains no provision for this development.