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CDA seals residential units used as commercial properties

October 8, 2015 • news

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) with the help of a magistrate sealed as many as 23 houses on October 7, for being used as commercial buildings in violation of land use norms.

The action taken by the CDA was approved by the Supreme Court and is part of a larger plan to combat the increasing use of residential properties as commercial buildings in the city. According to a news source, CDA spokesperson, Ramzan Sajid, stated that the owners of the commercial businesses were given due notice of the impending action while general notices were also given in national newspapers for the public.

Amongst the businesses shut down were Junaid Jamshed, Depilex, Royili, Tutti Fruitti, Tiffany, Jugnoo’s, a Samsung showroom, Tuscany restaurant, and Bistro café.

According to the Mr. Sajid, the operation is likely to continue until every residential unit conforms to the prescribed legislation of the Islamabad Land Disposal Regulation 2005.

The plan, devised by the CDA in consultation with all stakeholders including the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industries, allows violators a period of six months to wrap up their business from residential areas and find a commercial location