CDA To Construct 9km Long Road Connecting D-12 With Gt Road - Zameen News

CDA To Construct 9km Long Road Connecting D-12 With Gt Road

June 22, 2012 • news

While visiting the under-construction Margalla Avenue on Thursday, directions were given to CDA construct a road connecting Sector D-12 with GT road on time. Those who own plots in Sector D-12 were so excited to hear that 9 km road near Sangjani would ease the traffic load on Kashmir Highway. The construction work on the road is expected to complete within a year and the road is expected to be a two lane road. The chairman of CDA highlighted that this road would also provide easy access to C-13, C-14, and C-14 besides Sectors D-12.

The road would have 12-foot width on each side and it would highly ease traffic coming from Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa and heading towards Islamabad. CDA while visiting the construction site on Thursday highlighted that in order to facilitate the commuters entering Islamabad from other cities, CDA has initiated this Margalla Avenue project. It further added that the project has been initiated despite the financial crunch to increase the business and economic activities in capital.

The chairman of the CDA told that budget allotted for the project completion is 1 billion. Falling within the radius of the road, an overhead bridge on the railway lane would also be constructed as a part of the project. The chairman also highlighted that the construction work on the project would be completed by utilizing all the resources. He further issued directions to conduct the project with modern technology.