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Centaurus Mall management imposes entry fee to curb overcrowding

July 3, 2015 • news

Centaurus Mall

ISLAMABAD: The management of Centaurus Mall has decided to impose an entry fee of Rs 100 per person to curb overcrowding in the mall and to ensure the provision of an excellent shopping experience to the shoppers. The entry fee will, however, be adjustable against shopping in the mall.

The management has exempted the following people from the entry fee:

• Children under age 12 and women
• Members of Local Administration/Judiciary
• Members of National and Provincial Assemblies including Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan
• Senior citizens older than 60
• Armed forces personnel
• Police personnel
• Ambassadors/diplomats/foreigners
• Government employees
• Personnel of law enforcement agencies
• Residents of the Centaurus Mall
• Special people
• Members of FPCCI
• Members of Islamabad/Rawalpindi Chambers of Commerce
• Members of Citizen Developers Association
• Members of Bar Councils
• Members of print and electronic media
• Members of Kashmir Council
• Chief executives, directors and managers of national and multi-national companies
• Members of Islamabad Club, Gun and Country Club, Gym Khana Club, Creek Karachi Club
• Staff members of national and international airlines
• Doctors and teaching faculty of all universities
• Famous players of hockey, football, cricket and golf
• Famous personalities/celebrities

The move received a mixed response from the public on social media. While some supported it, claiming that the mall was getting overcrowded because the Metro Bus Project had provided the residents of Rawalpindi with easy access to the mall, others said the imposition of an entry fee effectively discriminated against low-income groups.