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City42 covers Zameen.com's Photo Contest Ceremony

September 2, 2013 • news


Prize distribution ceremony of Zameen.com’s Independence Day Photo Contest, which was held on 29 August, 2013, received due coverage from news media including television. The event was primarily covered by City42, which is the only community based TV channel for Lahore. With a report of 1 minute duration, the channel featured this ceremony on the same day in its 10pm news bulletin. The event was covered by Salik Nawaz, who is a senior news reporter of City42.

According to Zeeshan Ali Khan, CEO of Zameen.com, getting featured on City42 is the start for Zameen.com to venture news media. He intends to organize such events on regular basis where people from different walks of life can find and benefit from the interesting and informative stuff about Pakistan in general and Pakistan real estate in particular. Commenting on the overwhelming response The Independence Day Photo Contest received, Zeeshan Ali Khan said, “Seeing the youth’s passion for showing their love for the country through this contest has once again strengthen my faith in Pakistan and its people”.

Zaheer Khokhar, winner of the contest, was glad to have won the competition and found it a healthy way to entice people for expressing their emotions in the spirit of 14 August. He also believes that Zameen.com has made Pakistan real estate less alien for the local investors and helped them explore the true prospects of investing in the property market here.