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Construction Industry Enjoys Recognition Amid Population Rise

August 2, 2014 • news

Construction industry

In the last five decades, a wide array of people have migrated from rural areas to cities. Property developers endeavour to provide affordable accommodation to these people, and experts believe that overseas Pakistanis play a significant role in maintaining this real estate growth in the country.

In the last 6 or 7 years, around $56.73 billion have been remitted from foreign countries to Pakistan. Increasing population is deemed to be a big problem in the 21st century, but it is being catered to by houses, bungalows, and apartments popping up all over the urban landscape. Moreover, houses are being offered on instalments, which makes home ownership affordable for the people.

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Source: ‫عالمی سطح یر تعمیراتی صنعت کو ترقی کا پیمانہ تسلیم کر لیا گیا - روزنامہ جنگ‬‎