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Did the Sindh government allot land to Bahria Town?

July 2, 2015 • news

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Pakistan Rangers has claimed that the Sindh government allotted 44,000 acres of state land to Bahria Town. According to a news source, the land allotted to the developer was allegedly located along Super Highway, which has raised quite a few eyebrows given that Bahria Town Karachi is also located along Super Highway.

The news source stated that the Sindh government officials concerned were not available for comment, while Bahria Town officials outright rejected the claims as baseless.

According to a letter issued by Bahria Town’s corporate office to Rangers Director General (DG) Major General Bilal Akbar on June 9, 2015, the Sindh government has neither allotted nor sold any land to Bahria Town.

Bahria Town has also claimed that the figure of 44,000 acres quoted by Rangers was incorrect, claiming that it had purchased the land from the respective private owners and had also paid duties and taxes for it.

An individual who provides legal assistance to Mr Malik Riaz told reporters that someone might have passed untrue information to Rangers, as Bahria Town had only ever purchased 7,631 acres of land in Karachi.

Colonel (r) Khalil ur Rehman, a senior official of Bahria Town, told reporters that the firm had purchased the land from private developers between the price range of Rs 850,000 and Rs 6,000,000 per acre.

He also unveiled that Bahria Town had written a letter to the Rangers DG to request the correction of records maintained by Rangers, with no reply from the paramilitary force so far.

A Rangers source separately said only well-examined information could be passed to the DG, which basically means the information was thoroughly vetted before it was moved up the chain of command.

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