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Electricity supply in LDA Avenue I to Start Soon

March 24, 2015 • news

LDA Avenue I

LDA Avenue I enjoys a good location compared to many other housing societies located in the suburbs of Lahore. Upon the launch of the society, a large number of property investors rushed to invest here, and the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) is currently in the process of handing over possession.

Zameen.com recently learned that development work in the locality is almost complete, with only a few small things left to be done. Furthermore, electrification work including the erection of poles, installation of electricity wires and development of a grid station in the M Block of the society is almost finished.

LDA Avenue I

Mr Saleem Raja of Ashiq Construction and Property Traders told Zameen.com that the authority had not started electricity supply in the locality yet, but would do so soon.

The road infrastructure of the society is complete and signboards stating block numbers have also been erected. The society’s greenbelts are also complete and adorned with flowering plants.