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Excellent weather and rich history ensure steady sales in Malta

March 11, 2009 • news

Malta is an island 60 miles South of Sicily. This is a country steeped in history and very much loved by the British. It has been a stepping stone and sea base for the powers that shaped the history of the Mediterranean, the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Arabs, the Knights of St John, the French and then, from 1800, the British. It is the role that the island played during World War Two that has made Malta a country admired and respected by the British people for generations.

There is still a lot of the English lifestyle still visible on the island; red post boxes, driving on the left and the fact that most Maltese speak English. Malta was chosen by Queen Elizabath II as a home between 1949 and 1951. At the time she was Princess Elizabeth and wanted to be near her new husband who was stationed with the Royal Navy on the island. They lived a happy and trouble free time at a house owned by Lord Louis Mountbatten in the village of Gwardamangia.

Such is the British link to this amazing island and the respect of the bravery of the Maltese people during World War II that King George VI awarded the George Cross to Malta in 1942. A replica of the George Cross still features on their national flag.

“Modern day Malta is a country with a wonderful climate, a fascinating history, a low crime rate, excellent health care, lovely beaches, attractive residency and tax conditions and a stable property market” says James Vassallo, senior manager for Sales and Marketing at Tigne Point. “It is these factors that have helped create the island’s strong lifestyle appeal to foreign property buyers and also some of the reasons that have helped us achieve the above average sales figures at Tigne Point, a major development of high end, superior apartments situated on the headland overlooking the world heritage capital Valletta, the nearby Manoel Island and the magnificent natural harbour in between.

“Tigne Point is part of an impressive 44 hectare regeneration programme; historical sites that have lain fallow for decades are being renovated and opened to the public and new ‘brown-field’ developments are being created alongside them to provide an interesting fusion of old and new”.

Some 238 of the 260 homes launched to date have already been sold, with many of them bought by foreign buyers. In the last phase alone, 39 of the 59 units launched in July have already been snapped up - that’s an average of more than one a week – not bad going in these uncertain days.”

With an international airport less than 30 minutes away, buyers of these homes know that they always have easy access to most European capital cities and many other major international airports. Such is the confidence of the growth of Malta as a popular Mediterranean destination that in recent weeks there have been announcements from Easy Jet, Ryanair, SAS and others of new flights to the island.

The homes at Tigne Point have been built to the highest standards and offer convenient urban waterfront living with the emphasis on large open spaces, superior health and leisure facilities and expansive terraces offering spectacular views; either of the beautiful city of Valletta, the azure Mediterranean or the car free landscaped gardens and walkways that meander throughout the gated residential estate.

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