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Fresh investment options in Bahria Orchard Lahore

October 27, 2015 • news

Bahria Orchard Lahore

Bahria Orchard Lahore

Bahria Town Lahore is often deemed an investment haven, but the very same haven has been facing some controversies over the last few months. The issue of Lahore Ring Road (LLR)’s development cutting through Bahria Town still awaits resolution, while litigation issues plaguing Sector F have also surfaced recently.

And yet, amid all this hubbub, the locality is still performing well in terms of property prices, per Zameen.com stats of Q3 2015.

New cuttings

Bahria Orchard, located at a distance of 13 kilometres from Thokar Niaz Baig, has some newinvestment options for you to consider. The new plot cuttings were launched around 20 days ago. Bahria Town did not promulgate the launch in newspapers, so only a few people know about it.

New cuttings include residential plots of 5 marlas and 8 marlas. According to sources, only a limited number of plots have been rolled out in the market, which means you should not wait too long to make the move.


New plots are available on easy instalments spanning a year. The sale price of 5-marla plots ranges between PKR 2,200,000 and PKR 2,500,000 and the price of 8-marla plots ranges between PKR 3,200,000 and PKR 3,800,000. The prices of plots vary according to location.

For each 5-marla plot, you will have to pay PKR 1,200,000 in instalments to Bahria Town in a year, while the rest of the amount will have to be paid in the form of a down payment. Similarly, for each 8-marla plot you will have to pay PKR 1,800,000 in a year and the remaining amount with constitute the down payment.

You can calculate the down payments for each category using this formula:

Value of plot – amount to be paid in instalments = Down payment

Investment perspective

The new cuttings should be considered by long-term investors because Bahria Town will most likely take two good years to complete the development work and hand over possession. The location of 8-marla plots is better than that of 5-marla plots and, according to a source, development work has already commenced in the area housing 8-marla plots.

Overseas Pakistanis can also invest in the new cuttings easily because the plots come with open files, which means they will not face any trouble in transferring ownership to their name.

Impact of Lahore Ring Road

According to the route proposed by the Planning and Development Department of Punjab, the LRR will bisect Raiwind Road at Adda Plot. Bahria Orchard is located slightly past Adda Plot, which means the property prices in Bahria Orchard are likely to see remarkable jumps after the completion of this route.

Bahria Orchard faces no apparent litigation issues and is safe for investment. If you wish to invest in the locality I suggest you contact Mr Waseem Khan of Unique Associates & Builders at 03237768568.

If you have any queries, please feel free to discuss them with me in the comments section below.