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I-14 Still Not Fully Developed

October 31, 2012 • news

I-14, which was launched in 1997, still has not been fully developed. According to a news report, the development work in the sector is far from over since huge chunks of infrastructure remain elusive on the site of community, where the work on its main road and pipelines remains unfinished. On one hand, the progress of development is incredibly slow while the delay on the other hand has resulted in inflating the cost of the project which was projected at Rs 865 million initially but now it stands at Rs 1.5 billion.

The documents of the sector reveal that initially, the project was meant to cater only to industrial units but in the 1980s it was turned into a residential sector. Many low income groups were given the chance to buy land here once the project was initiated in 1997. According to a CDA official, the authority still has not been able to rid huge chunks of land, in the north and the south, of illegal occupants.

Apart from that, a major road that was supposed to link the sector with the rest of the city is also missing even though the authority has already spent Rs 1.5 billion on the project. According to Shaista Suhail, member estate, her division is relentlessly working on partially or underdeveloped projects on an emergency basis. Commenting on the ongoing situation in I-14, Sanaulla Aman, member engineering, said that the project had primarily been delayed because of several cancelled contracts. Sanaullah Aman refused to give a timeframe for the completion of the project.